Camden man given Christmas delay to make bail

By George Chappell | Dec 26, 2012

Rockland — A 20-year-old Camden man received a holiday gift from the court to arrange to make bail for his case.

Judge Susan Sparaco in Sixth District Court on Dec. 24 granted a 48-hour stay of house confinement to Khidr Odom instead of jail to make arrangements to pay his bail of $1,000.

Odom was in court on charges of operating under the influence, endangering the life of a child by driving with a 7-year-old as a passenger in a car that crashed, operating without a license, and possessing liquor by a minor.

Lawyer for the day Jeremy Pratt said to the judge on Monday morning that there would not be time for Odom to make bail arrangements with the Maine Pretrial Contract officials before the court closed at noon. If unable to make bail, he would have had to spend Christmas at the Knox County Jail.

Pratt asked for a 48-hour delay of execution of the sentence to allow Odom to be confined to his house for the next two days, and that he return to court Wednesday to sign up with Maine Pretrial Contract Services.

Sparaco said she would agree to the request.

"Don't do any celebrating," she told Odom.

Fernald said Odom should not drive during the delay, except for the time to return to Rockland to sign up to pay his bail.

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