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Camden Hills sixth, Belfast 10th at prestigious Spartan tourney

Windjammer Lang wins 132-pound division; Midcoast mat athletes also compete strongly
By Ken Waltz | Jan 09, 2017

Sanford — There is no more prestigious, talent-laden, rugged high school wrestling tournament in Maine then the annual two-day Spartan Tournament, hosted by Sanford.

The meet, previously called the Redskin Invitational and held this winter on Friday and Saturday, Jan. 6-7, annually brings some of the most powerful mat programs in New England together and, at the same time, provides a handful of Midcoast participants a chance to compete against the best of the best. To test the young athletes' mettle and preparation at this point in the campaign

That again was the case Friday and Saturday for Belfast and Camden Hills mat athletes, who turned in strong efforts in the prestigious event.

In fact, Camden Hills finished as the second Maine team at the tournament and Windjammer Noah Lang worked his way to the title in the 132-pound division.

Individually for Camden Hills, Alex Vokey finished fourth at 170 pounds, Drew Kelly sixth at 138 and Kaden Harrison-Billiat sixth at 145.

For Belfast, Jacob Waterman finished second at 182, Chase Curry fourth at 132, Travis Tran fifth at 220, Brendan Bruns sixth at 113 and Anthony Sanborn sixth at 285.

The team scores were: Timberlane of Plaistow, N.H. 321, Danbury of Connecticut 222, Marshwood of Eliot 188, Cumberland of Rhode Island 158.5, Xavier of Middletown, Conn. 150.5, Camden Hills 92. Massabesic of Waterboro 91, Mountain Valley of Rumford 89.5, Sanford 82, Belfast 80, Biddeford 62.5, North Providence of Rhode Island 60, Timberlane 'B' 55, Noble of Berwick 55, Bonny Eagle of Standish 47, Scarborough 41, Portland 28, York 12, Cumberland 'B' 3, Xavier 'B' 3, Marshwood 'B' 1, Scarborough 'B' 1 and Belfast 'B' 1.

Also of note, Connor McGonagle, an Owls Head resident and student at Timberlane, finished first at 126 pounds.

The individual results for Camden Hills and Belfast wrestlers were:

106 pounds — Wyatt Staples, Bel, was pinned by Nick Roeger, Timber B, at 2:46; and lost to Ben Meyer, NorthProv, 15-13.

Dawson Allen, CH, lost to Colby Reilly, Cumb, 4-2; and lost to Brady Gillis, Cumb B, 7-0.

113 pounds —Brendan Bruns, Bel, pinned Rob Pilecki, Nob, at 3:00; beat Biagio Rizzo, NorthProv, 5-2; lost by technical fall to Ben Leblanc, Dan, 15-0; lost to Liam Coomey, Marsh, 3-2; and was pinned by Dominick Pasanante, Cumb, at 1:46. Bruns finished sixth.

Devin Hutcheson, CH, was pinned by Dominick Pasante, Cumb, at 3:30; pinned Taylor Blair, York, at 3:09; and was pinned by Josh Ward, Xavier, at 2:30.

120 pounds — Victoria Curtis, Bel, was pinned by Josh Wheeler, NorthProv, at 0:58; and was pinned by Alex Kirven, San, at 0:16.

126 pounds — Ian Henderson, CH, pinned Edwin Estrella, NorthProv, at 3:44; was pinned by Kyle Fields, Dan, at 0:52; beat Travis Dionne, San, 7-6; and lost by major decision to Tyler Fritz, BE, at 15-2.

132 pounds — Noah Lang, CH, pinned Patrick Curtis, Bel B, at 1:39; pinned Logan Rendell, Nob, at 1:17; pinned David Spinney, Marsh, at 0:54; and pinned Shaun Williams, Dan, at 1:39 in the championship final. Lang finished first.

Chase Curry, Bel, was pinned by Jeremy Batista, Cumb, at 1:30; pinned Nikita Perevalon, CH B, at 2:08; beat Angelo Rizzo, NorthProv, 7-0; pinned Anthony Plateroti, York, at 2:20; won by forfeit over Jeremy Bastista, Cumb; and los tto Robbie Pinault, Timber, 5-2, in the consolation final. Curry finished fourth.

Patrick Curtis, Belfast B, was pinned by Noah Lang, CH, at 1:39; beat Cooper VanGieson, San, 11-6; and was by pinned Robbie Pinault, Timb A, at 2:47.

Nikita Perevalon, CH B, was pinned by Caleb Frost, BE, at 0:09; and was pinned by Chase Curry, at 2:08.

138 pounds — Drew Kelly, CH, pinned Ben Levine, Port, at 1:20; was pinned by Josiah Garcia, Bidd, at 1:15; pinned Bayleigh Lam, Mass, at 2:25; pinned Brandon Jordan, NorthProv, at 1:38; lost by technical fall to Grant Barber, Xav, 15-0; and lost by injury default to Chris Pilcher, Nob. Kelly finished sixth

Isaac Hamm, Bel, was pinned by Elicio Nieves, Cumb, at 0:13; pinned Austin Merando, Bel B, at 4:01; and lost to Chris Pilcher, Nob, 5-3.

Austin Merando, Bel B, was pinned by Brad Beaulieu, Marsh, at 0:28; and was pinned by Isaac Hamm, Bel, at 4:01.

145 pounds — Kaden Harrison-Billiat, CH, pinned Noah Gagne, Bidd, at 0:46; lost to Eddie DeRoche, MountVal, 10-9; pinned Sam LaPenta, San, at 2:43; pinned Matt Beerworth, Nob, at 1:59; was pinned by A.J. Kovacs, Dan, at 2:59; and lost by major decision to Jake Holland, Xav, 15-7. Harrison-Billiat finished sixth.

Elijah Charbonnier, Bel, was pinned by Jeremy Sendrowski, Scar, at 0:24; and was pinned by Tyler Shaw, Cumb, at 0:32.

152 pounds — Seth Sweet, CH, pinned Nate Szpak, Timb B, at 2:21; was pinned by Matt Caverly, Marsh, at 2:35; pinned Peter Cogley, MountVal, at 3:29; and lost by major decision to Dylan Sousa, Xav, 11-0.

Taylor Kinney, Bel, was pinned by Billy Doner, Bidd, at 3:00; and was pinned by Peter Cogley, MountVal, at 1:48.

160 pounds — Ethan Cayouette, CH, pinned Chris Sarzinski, Marsh, at 0:58; was pinned by Ryan Devivo, Xav, at 2:18; pinned Cameron Viccionce, NorthProv, at 0:28; and was pinned by Dylan Hughes, Timber, at 3:59.

170 pounds — Alex Vokey, CH, beat Jesse Pellitier, MountVal, 5-1; was pinned by John Hayes, Cumb, at 1:55; pinned Jared Vigue, Mass, at 1:54; beat Trevor Dell'Oso, Xav, 6-3; beat Isaac Plante, San, 10-6; and was pinned by Dylan Strong, Marsh, at 3:56 in the consolation final. Vokey finished fourth.

Jason Norwood, Bel, received a first-round bye; lost by major decision to Dylan Strong, Marsh, 14-1; and was pinned by Trevor DellOso, Xav, at 2:10.

182 pounds — Jacob Waterman, Bel, pinned Jeff Miller, Xav, at 0:57; pinned Mike Debaker, BE, at 1:49; pinned Jake Constantine, Dan, at 5:00; and was pinned by Steven Blaisdell, Timber, at 2:43 in the championship final. Waterman finished second.

Gabe Wright, CH, was pinned by Austin Locke, Marsh, at 1:43; and was pinned by Jackson Nickerson, San, at 2:23.

195 pounds — Brandon Butler, Bel, was pinned by Darin Buono, MountVal, at 0:41; received a bye; and was pinned by James Thompson, Marsh, at 2:25.

220 pounds — Travis Tran, Bel, pinned Caden Jolcimat, NorthPro, at 1:32; was pinned by Mathew Carroll, Mass, at 3:41; pinned Ian Dures, Marsh, at 4:44; pinned Josh Platon, Timber B, at 3:17; was pinned by Nick Works, San, at 5:26; and pinned Trey Burnham, Bidd, at 3-1. Tran finished fifth.

275 pounds — Anthony Sanborn, Bel, was pinned by Lincoln Andrews, Scar, at 2:57; pinned Ben McWilliams, CH, at 0:28; pinned Connor McIntyre, San, at 0:22; pinned Chris Lund, Timber B, at 1:24; was pinned by Michael Gaboardi, Dan, at 1:16; and lost to Lincoln Andrews, Scar, 6-1. Sanborn finished sixth.

Ben McWilliams, CH, was pinned by Michael Gaboardi, Dan, at 0:15; and was pinned by Anthony Sanborn, Bel, at 0:28.

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