Camden Hills honors Krause

Nov 05, 2012

Rockport — The Visual and Performing Students of the Month for November is awarded to senior, Orion Krause. Krause has been very active in the Camden Hills Regional High School band program as well as a variety of community events.

Krause first began playing music in fifth grade when he studied the clarinet. In eighth grade he decided to switch to percussion. This was primarily due to the influence of some of his favorite musicians and the video game Rock Band. That year, he received his first drum set for Christmas. His sophomore year in high school he joined the Camden Hills' Jazz and Concert Band.

In addition to playing in school ensembles, Krause has played drums in the school talent show and performed in the Northport Music Theater’s production of “In to the Woods." This past summer, he impersonated Ringo Starr in the production of “A Day in the Life,” a tribute to the Beatles. This year, due to the level of musical difficulty, Krause will be the only student performer in the pit orchestra for “West Side Story." He recently was accepted to the 2013 District III Music Festival and will be auditioning for the All-State Music Festival. He also received the Judge’s Choice Award at the 2012 District III Jazz Festival. He studies privately with Richard Hollis.

Krause really enjoys jamming with his friends. He really feels that “it is great to put all of those hours of practicing to good use by playing with others! The feeling of exchanging ideas and creating new music, often from pure improvisation, is very exhilarating. Playing music is also a great way to connect with other people.”

He is influenced by almost every type of musical genre and says that his “musical tastes are always changing and evolving.” Currently, some of his favorite artists include King Crimson, Yes, Led Zeppelin, Genesis, David Bromberg and the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

Krause plans to attend a college with a strong music program so that he can continue to expand his musical horizons. His advice to a young musician just starting an instrument: “Stick with it! Although it may seem challenging, if you get really good at your instrument, the pay-off in the end is well worth all the hard work. Try to keep an open mind when learning an instrument by listening to many types of music and trying different ways of playing”.

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