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Camden Hills girls soccer strikes for five second-half goals to overwhelm foe

Defending state champion Windjammers in fine form to start new season against Eagles
By Ken Waltz | Sep 04, 2017
Photo by: Ken Waltz Camden Hills' Eliza Roy heads the ball against Messalonskee on Sept. 1 during a season-opening high school girls soccer match in Rockport. The host Windjammers beat the Eagles of Oakland 7-1.

Rockport — Seemingly out of the blue, perhaps like a bolt of lightning or giant wave rolling in from the sea, it comes and, when it does, it can overwhelm an opponent and leave devastation on the scoreboard in its wake.

We are, of course, talking about the sudden and undeniable offensive abilities of the Camden Hills girls soccer team, a group of student-athletes whose skills are constantly and consistently on display, but seem harmless enough until, zap, an opponent finds another ball in the back of the net.

Coming off back-to-back sensational campaigns in 2015 and 2016, the first of which ended in the Class A North championship game and the other with the school's first state Class A gold soccer ball firmly in their grasp, the incredibly-talented Windjammers were back to their fine form in a home- and season-opening match against Messalonskee of Oakland on Friday, Sept. 1.

The Windjammers led 2-1 at halftime on a blustery afternoon at Don Palmer Field and the Eagles probably figured, after 40 minutes, they were in good shape. In fact, perhaps in the game with only a break or two separating them from a tie or even a significant upset win against the defending state champs.

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Then, seemingly without warning, the Windjammer freight train came chugging down the tracks at a high rate of speed with no stop in sight.

That Camden Hills' locomotive scored five second-half goals en route to a 7-1 season-opening victory to start its league, regional and state title defenses.

If possible, the Windjammers may be more talented and deeper overall then last year's impressive team, which was considered, by many observers, as the best Midcoast high school girls soccer squad ever assembled.

So Windjammer fans should buckle up and enjoy another fun fall ride.

On Friday against Messalonskee, Lexi Heidorn, a freshmen, tallied two goals; Kassie Krul and Kris Kelly, a goal and assist; and Eliza Roy and Sarah Contento, one goal apiece. Kaylyn Krul also scored on a blistering 25-yard direct kick (she hit the crossbar with a similar shot later in the game).

The Camden Hills goalies were Isabelle Lang (4 saves) and Alexandra Southworth (2 saves). The Windjammers finished with 19 shots and five corner kicks.

For Messalonskee, Hannah DelGiudice and Megan Wilson minded the net. Shauna Clark scored for the Eagles, which mustered five shots and four corner kicks.

The Windjammers possess incredible ball skill and can attack an opponent in a variety of devastating ways — with quick ball-to-foot control, incredible speed all over the field and relenting offensive bursts in the box. An onslaught few opponents can withstand. And, to make matters worse for opponents, Camden Hills has a suffocating defense to boot.

"This was a great first game," said veteran Camden Hills coach Meredith Messer. "We had to fight the wind the first half and then really put together some great passes and applied offensive pressure in the second half. We identified some things to continue to work on which is helpful. The girls are off to a great start. We have a fantastic combination of youth and experience."

Camden Hills has six seniors, eight juniors, four sophomores and two freshmen.

The last two seasons in Class A, Camden Hills is 33-3-1 overall, with a split of two league championship encounters and winner of six of seven regional/state playoffs. In 2016, the Windjammers finished 18-1 overall with league, regional and state titles under their belts.

Messalonskee at Camden Hills girls soccer
Camden Hills hosts Messalonskee on Sept. 1 in high school girls soccer in Rockport. (Video by: Zack Miller of VStv)
As teammates on the bench watch, Camden Hills' Taylor Johnson makes a throw-in. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Kris Kelly, in white. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Eliza Roy, right, and Messalonskee's Ella Moore. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Grace Blackwell. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Kris Kelly. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Taylor Johnson. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Camryn Langille. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Kassie Krul, facing, and her teammates celebrate Krul's goal. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Lexi Heidorn (25). (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Lexi Heidorn, left, and Messalonskee's Makenzie Charest. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Lexi Heidorn. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Eliza Roy, left, and Messalonskee's Ella Moore. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Taylor Johnson. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Eve Gutheinza, left, and Messalonskee's Maya Chalmers. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills coach Meredith Messer. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Ella Pierce, right, and Messalonskee's Lily Wilkie. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Kaylyn Krul, right, and Messalonskee's Brianne Benecke. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Sarah Spizzuco. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Kaylyn Krul. (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
Camden Hills' Alexandra Southworth (Photo by: Ken Waltz)
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