Camden Hills celebrates graduation of 156

By Rebekah Schade | Jun 12, 2018
Photo by: Rebekah Schade Kyle Wood taking a photo of, from left, Cooper Russell and Trevor Iltis.

Rows and rows of gown-adorned young men and women lined up outside the Camden Hills Regional High School’s gymnasium at 7:55 p.m. on Friday, June 8, as they awaited their graduation ceremony.

Camden Hills graduated 156 students this year with one going into the military and 120 going on to further their education after high school.

Every year, a guest speaker is selected by the class officers to pass on some words of wisdom to the new graduates, and this year it was Chris Van Dusen, children’s book author and illustrator. He decided as a tribute to the graduates who grew up reading his children’s books, to write them one last story. The original story consisted of five chapters and was dedicated to the five towns that make up Camden Hills, and not only what makes each town special but seeing the different towns growing up until finally, in chapter five, the story comes to an end on the students' graduation day.

Some other highlights were Principal Shawn Carlson's reading of messages from parents to their students, one of which read, “You earned more than a high school degree, you earned my respect.”

Valedictorian Braden Fisher and salutatorian Claire Pierce both looked back fondly on what made their class unique as opposed to others, and mournfully but fondly remembered their multiple spirit-week losses.

A speech was also given by Class President Noah Heidorn, who dedicated his speech to comparing their class to puzzle pieces, and that every piece had a place where it belonged and was there to create something important; a finished puzzle.

Graduates march in led by class marshals Robbie Carroll and Sarah Contento. (Photo by: Rebekah Schade)
Class President Noah Heidorn delivering his speech. (Photo by: Rebekah Schade)
Salutatorian Claire Pierce delivering her speech. (Photo by: Rebekah Schade)
Valedictorian Braden Fisher delivering his speech. (Photo by: Rebekah Schade)
Guest speaker Chris Van Dusen delivering his short story. (Photo by: Rebekah Schade)
Principal Dr. Shawn Carlson delivering his welcome speech. (Photo by: Rebekah Schade)
Class Marshal Robbie Carroll guiding the students when to stand with his baton. (Photo by: Rebekah Schade)
Jack Nathan receiving his diploma. (Photo by: Rebekah Schade)
Sylvan Gamage receiving his diploma. (Photo by: Rebekah Schade)
From left, Taylor Johnson, Sophie Dorsky, Mackenzie Schecter, and Halsey Yattaw. (Photo by: Rebekah Schade)
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