Camden Herald letters to the editor Sept. 3

Sep 03, 2020

Bannon arrest not political

Sam Patten in his column on Aug. 27 implies that the arrest of Steve Bannon, former Trump aide accused of swindling thousands of other gullible Trumpistas, is part of a vast left-wing conspiracy. Bannon now joins the growing Rogues Gallery of former Trump officials who have been charged, convicted and sentenced for a wide variety of crimes.

The post office is involved because Bannon used the mails to conduct his alleged theft. Bannon is charged with common theft that has nothing to do with “Russia-Gate,” as Patten suggests. Patten’s fond hope that Bannon’s arrest will somehow backfire and prove helpful to Trump is the stuff "The Maltese Falcon" was made of.

The expanding list of Trump associates who have been convicted is not, as Patten claims, one side persecuting the other. The cases were filed under the charge of “the people vs. fill in the blank,” not the Democrats vs. any of these crooks. I will admit that any right-thinking Democrat is delighted to see justice done. Why suggest Rudy may be next unless Patten knows more than we do?

Be assured that Mr. Bannon will get a fair trial, not like the whitewash provided the president by the Senate in his impeachment trial.

Ron Jarvella



No to Gideon’s dark campaign

Insulting! That is the only word for Sara Gideon’s campaign against Sen. Susan Collins.

Is it not absolutely inappropriate for a woman who is a Maine legislator to depend upon non-Maine “dark money” to fund her ads and, incredulously use out-of-state phone banks to call unsuspecting Mainers? My wife, who is Hawaiian, was shocked early in Gideon’s campaign to discover that  a Hawaiian PAC was donating money to Gideon. This discovery prompted me to research her out-of-state activity. I quickly discovered no less than eight non-Maine groups who have been phone banking Mainers on Gideon’s behalf: Women’s March (DC); Grassroots Democrats HQ (CA); Hell’s Kitchen Democrats (NYC); Manhattan Young Democrats (NYC); Swing Left (MA); Think National, Act Bronx (NYC); Program Schenectady (NY); Democratic Women of Westport (CT)!

In addition to these groups, Virginia Young Democrats (VA) will be calling Maine citizens on Sept. 5, and the Central Brooklyn Independent Democrats (NY) are slated to start calling Mainers on Sept. 8.

So much for grass roots! This egregious facade stands in stark contrast to Senator Collins’ positive down-home reelection campaign which highlights her leadership role in the Senate’s PPP coronavirus bill, which to date has helped nearly a quarter million Mainers survive the plague and her support from our lobstermen and the iron workers in the shipbuilding industry.

Don’t be persuaded by Gideon’s money and influence from away. Reelect Susan Collins who is Maine through and through and who has had a stellar career in the Senate always doing what she believes is in the best interest of “the pine tree state.”

Doc Wallace



Reaching out to community

My name is Richard Prentiss, I live in South Thomaston. I have Ideopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and need a double lung transplant to live. As part of the transplant process I have to raise money to help with the expenses not covered by my insurance plan.

After the transplant I will need to stay in the Boston area for at least one month before being allowed to return home to Maine. There are also many medications and trips back and forth to Boston for the rest of my life. In the age of coronavirus and social distancing, fund raisers like spaghetti dinners or silent auctions are not a possibility, which just leaves asking for monetary donations.

I am using a non profit organization called Help Hope Live; they specializes in transplant patients. All donations  go through them and are verified and dispersed as bills are submitted that are related to my transplant. Tax deductible donations can be made through this site or can be mailed to them directly.

To make a donation or for more information, visit

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Richard E. Prentiss

South Thomaston


Thanks to Clean Bee Laundry

Midcoast Recreation Center would like to thank Clean Bee Laundry in Camden for helping to sponsor MRC’s 8U Youth Hockey Program.

Clean Bee Laundry generously provides cleaning for all of MRC’s youth hockey gear every year, helping to keep the gear maintained and ready for the kids to use the next season. MRC loans gear out to all of their youth participants in their effort to make hockey affordable and available to everyone. Whenever gear is returned, it is always sent straight off to Clean Bee Laundry for cleaning and disinfecting before being loaned to anyone else.

If your business is interested in being a sponsor for MRC’s arena programs, reach out to or call MRC’s front desk at 236-9400 and ask for Jesse.

Jesse Simko, Arena Director, MRC



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