Camden Herald Letters to the Editor Sept. 13

Sep 05, 2018

Call Democratic Socialism by its proper name

I am grateful that Reade Brower has singled out my article, Democratic Socialism [Another View, Courier-Gazette and Camden Herald, Aug. 23], for comment, as it is definitely important for issues of this nature to have input from all viewpoints. One element that I want to address is Reade’s attempt to divert attention to his renaming of Democratic Socialism to responsible capitalism. This is often done by the media or left-of-center liberal traditionalists who are uneasy with the moniker, Democratic Socialism.

However, they must recognize the efforts of not only the avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, but other Democratic senators, Elizabeth Warren of Massa chusetts, Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, Corey Booker of New Jersey, and Kamala Harris of California now are in lockstep with Sanders. Take note of Gavin Newsom, Democratic nominee for governor of California, Andrew Gillum, Democratic nominee for governor of Florida and Cynthia Nixon, Democratic candidate for governor of New York are all in the camp of Democratic Socialists. In spite of the fears of the traditional liberals, even the chair of the Democratic Party has boldly stated that Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, New York candidate for Congress, is the new face of the Democratic party. These facts are reality and not fantasy.

Reade’s proposed solutions to both the issues of Medicare for all and free tuition are vague at best. All of these issues will need massive federal funding. The Democratic Socialists need to not let the uninformed public be unaware that the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden and Denmark all have a value-added tax of 25 percent instead of our sales tax. Each time an item moves through each transaction from manufacturer to the ultimate consumer, the 25 percent value-added tax is in effect. In addition, they have a very high rate of income taxes, such as Sweden’s 49 to 64 percent rates.

Each of these freebies has an exceptionally large price tag and none can be solved easily, if at all. I ask for the thoughts of others as was expressed by Jay Foster of Lincolnville in his recent letter to the editor. Come on folks, don’t be shy, and let's hear from you.

Jan Dolcater



A letter to Senator Susan Collins

Dear Senator Collins,
I write again to urge you to deny your vote to Brett Kavanaugh who is being jammed through by the Republicans.

The hearing process has been hasty, less than transparent, and operated under partisan rules -- e.g. Bill Burke, who is a lawyer for several potential witnesses/defendants in the Mueller probe, decided which documents were declared "committee confidential."  The most revealing instances of Kavanaugh's prior views have mostly come from those very documents.

You know as we all do that President Trump repeatedly promised that any prospective nominee that he put forward would certainly vote, if confirmed to the court, to overturn Roe v Wade.  Whatever Kavanaugh told you about Roe being "settled law,"  his own prior e-mails indicate that such precedents can (and will) be overturned by a new majority on the Supreme Court -- the majority to be formed by his rise to associate justice.   Before your vote for the tax cut bill you accepted false promises that were never made good.  Don't be deceived again on an even more profound vote to give Kavanaugh a lifetime appointment!

There are many cogent reasons to vote against Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation or at least to delay the vote until his complete record is made available with time to assess it thoroughly.  If you are not prepared to vote against Kavanaugh, I implore you to withhold your vote unless and until he pledges to recuse himself from any case arising from potential charges or court orders involving President Trump.  Otherwise a corrupt and potentially criminal president will have succeeded in choosing a judge most inclined to favor him in any such proceedings before the Supreme Court.

James Matlack



Senator Dave Miramant: committed, innovative & qualified for the job

I have known Dave Miramant for more than three decades. We first met in the 1980s through our shared interest in aviation, when I was director of aeronautics for the state of Maine and he served on the Maine Aeronautics Advisory Commission, an early example of his commitment to public service.

During his years as an airline captain, Dave flew many international routes, giving him the opportunity to observe the social, cultural and economic structures of many countries. Over the years, Dave has used what he observed and learned to bring innovative ideas and solutions to issues facing Mainers.

As a former Maine legislator, and as the former head of the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, I am keenly aware of the challenge Dave faces in seeing that government provides the essential, qualitative and cost-effective service the public needs and expects. Dave has met that challenge successfully, and continues to do so to provide the best service to people of this district and the entire state. I strongly urge you to vote for Dave Miramant this coming Nov. 6.

Barry Valentine


Ed. note: Dave Miramant is running for reelection in Maine Senate District 12, which includes all of Knox County except Washington.


Yes on Question 1

My wife and I suffer from multiple illnesses. My Crohn's disease caused me to collapse recently in my own living room. So far, we've been able to take care of each other and ourselves. But it would be a great relief if we knew home care was available if we needed it.

That's why I'm voting yes this fall on Question 1, the Universal Home Care Initiative. It would guarantee home care for every elderly and disabled Mainer who requires it, whatever their income. That would relieve a lot of pressure from spouses and adult children, who now frequently exhaust themselves and their resources caring for a loved one with special needs.

The service would be paid for by a small tax exclusively on individual incomes above $128.400 in the first year of the program, with the figure rising in future years along with inflation. This seems like a reasonable funding source for such a needed service.
Like a lot of people, my wife and I have high standards for who works in our house. Question 1 would help professionalize the job of home care worker with better pay, benefits and training.

Maine already has the oldest population in the nation, and will keep getting older. Any one of us could suddenly need home care, but only a small fraction know how they would pay for it. Question 1 addresses a pressing problem in a serious and fair way. This November, everyone should vote for Question 1, the Universal Home Care Initiative.

Howard Brown


Ed. note: The above letter was solicited by the Maine People's Alliance.


Prayer made the difference!

Early in the morning of Nov. 9, 2016, those of us who stayed up witnessed one of the greatest election reversal victories in our republic’s history.

As we sat in front of our TV’s at 8:30 p.m., we were told in no uncertain terms by the professional pollsters and media that our hopes of a conservative Republican win was futile. But within an hour’s time the whole electoral map radically changed in the form of a great victory for all of America, with a complete about-face of what was predicted by the phony-baloney media.

This was nothing short of a miracle performed by God’s sovereign hand of deliverance.
I recall vividly all those calls to prayer by Franklin Graham as he made his way across America in a bus, encouraging American conservatives to pray. Mr. Graham said over and over, to all of us who would listen — then as a result, prayer groups started up, families prayed, churches prayed — then conservative Christians everywhere went to the polls and God changed the outcome with a stunning victory.

Most of those praying Americans believed that God’s sovereign power could change everything — to put a halt to the godless atheistic progressive agenda from continuing its moral assault on our nation.

I am totally convinced, with the facts now coming from the George Barna polls from that election, that without a doubt that election of 2016 was radically changed when God did this same thing to assure his people that if they repented and trusted in him, he would deliver them from their enemy.

After I witnessed this whole scenario take place, I was reminded once again of one verse in the Old Testament of our Bible that describes God’s promises in detail, “If My People, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek My Face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

We can do it again in November, America.

Pray and vote your heart!

Gene V. Graves



Thanks from Appleton Library Board of Trustees

The Appleton Library Board of Trustees wishes to thank all who helped with our inaugural Blooms, Barns and Books tour to benefit the Appleton Library. This event would not have been a success without the generosity of homeowners and businesses opening their places to the public. Lorie Costigan, owner of Glendarragh Farm Lavender and a former Appleton Library Board of Trustees member, demonstrated her commitment to the future of Appleton Library by spearheading and coordinating the multiple facets our event.

Thank you to the farms and homeowners of Terra Optima Farm; Highcroft; Ridgeberry Farm; Ruth and Bob Wall and Glendarragh Farm Lavender. A steady stream of visitors, including many traveling long distances, were able to experience some of our beautiful working Appleton farms and historically significant sites.

Special thanks are also extended to our sponsors, Camden National Bank; The Common Market; Deer Foot Farm Café; Union Farm Equipment; Glendarragh Farm Lavender; Highcroft Farm; Jackie Dunham and Julie Sells. We are appreciative for the many individuals who made donations but were unable to attend, and some contributed above the ticket prices.

Many thanks to Donovan Bowley of Appleton Historical Society for compiling historical information about our five sites and staffing the office to answer any questions on the day of the event. Many library volunteers and community members helped with the numerous preparations and staffing.

Again, thank you. We look forward to our 2019 Blooms, Barns and Books tour.

Julie Sells

Library Coordinator

Appleton Library


Appleton Library thanks Masons

Appleton Library’s 2018 “Bikes for Books” summer reading program was a great success. I would like to thank Union Masonic Lodge 31, and particularly Mac “Tim” MacArthur and Gary Roberts for this accomplishment. Masonic Lodge 31 provided new bikes and helmets as incentives to read in the summer. Our participants read a total of 109 picture books and Easy Readers, 34 graphic novels and 2,954 pages in chapter books. That is an incredible accomplishment.

Both Mac MacArthur and Gary Roberts went out of their way to ensure we had the proper sizes of bikes and helmets. Their efforts made four children very happy at our end-of-program raffle and party.

A huge thank-you goes to Union Masonic Lodge 31, Appleton Library volunteers, and especially to the children who read during their summer break!

I look forward to collaborating on future reading programs.

Julie Sells


Appleton Library

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