Camden Herald letters to the editor Oct. 22

Oct 22, 2020

Vote for Dave Miramant

Enthusiasm, experience, and energy are terms that come to mind when someone mentions State Sen. Dave Miramant. Questions and concerns immediately have him looking for solutions. He eagerly shares the considerable store of information he has at his fingertips.

One of the several encounters I have had with Sen. Miramant stands out. I wondered about the progress of a particular project that required input from an overworked state agency, so I sent Sen. Miramant an email with the details. His prompt reply came from an international airport in China, where he was on official business. He said he would get on it right away, since the connecting flight he was waiting for would be taking him somewhere with unreliable cell phone service. As good as his word, the senator contacted the agency in question and sent me their reply, alleviating my concern.

While constituents expect results from their legislators, this struck me as exceptionally above and beyond. Vote to reelect Dave Miramant on Nov. 3 if not before.

Harold Mosher



My vote is for Bill

I enthusiastically support William “Bill” Plueker for State Representative, serving Warren, Hope, Appleton and Eastern Union. I’ve known Bill for about 12 years. He and his wife are hard working farmers, small business owners and devoted parents.
Bill is active in his community and church. Every Thursday during the pandemic, Bill spent his time volunteering at Bread for the Journey, giving back to the community. For anyone who needs it or can afford to make a donation, Bread for the Journey is located at 44 School St., Warren, open Thursdays, 9 to 11 a.m. and you can reach them at 273-4400.
Perhaps most importantly, Bill is running as an independent. He is not beholden to either political party in today’s very divided political environment. Thus, he will make thoughtful decisions to represent each and every citizen, instead of simply following one party line.
Please join me on election day and vote for Bill Plueker!
Barbara Brusila


It Has Never Been More Important to Vote for Maine’s Healthcare

On Nov. 10, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case challenging the Affordable Care Act. If the Court rules in favor, health care would be stripped away from millions of Americans, resulting in a lack of alternatives and increasing costs for healthcare.

In a time when the coronavirus pandemic has left many unemployed and subsequently without health insurance, I am baffled by Trump and his Republican colleagues' work to terminate the ACA. I am even more baffled by Sen. Collins, who has voted numerous times to undermine the ACA .

As a health care worker, I find the consideration of eliminating the ACA unconscionable. During this global health crisis, our leaders should be working hard to ensure that all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care.

That's why as Mainers, we need to vote for Sara Gideon. Sara believes, as I do, that health care is a right. I know that she will fight to protect that right for Mainers in the U.S. Senate.

Anita Goodwin



Vote for Valli Geiger

As a longtime advocate of safe, affordable housing and as a past president and current director at Midcoast Habitat for Humanity, I am pleased to endorse Councilwoman Valli Geiger in her bid to become State Representative for District 93. Valli has many outstanding qualities that she will bring to this new role, but the one with which I am most familiar, and excited by, is her demonstrated advocacy for affordable and workforce housing for our area.

As Rockland’s Mayor, Valli worked with city officials and Midcoast Habitat for Humanity to lay the groundwork for our new project on Philbrook Avenue, a pocket neighborhood that will be home to dozens of low-income local residents. As a councilor, Valli led the effort to ensure foreclosed properties be considered as affordable housing options, a commonsense idea that is now city policy.

I have swung a hammer on a build day in Rockland with Valli, and her actions demonstrate that she is a committed ally in the fight to end homelessness and poverty housing in our area. She knows that housing is a foundational need, and that affordable places to live help not just individuals here in the Midcoast, but our economy as well. As Bill Najpauer, executive director of the Mid Coast Economic Development District said in an Oct. 13 discussion with local Rotarians, we simply cannot grow our economy in this region without affordable housing options. Lack of suitable housing is one of the top issues facing us when it comes to economic growth.

I urge you to choose a candidate who has demonstrated experience dealing with the most critical issues facing us in the Midcoast. Vote for Valli Geiger for State Representative.


Vicki Doudera, State Representative, District 94



Vote for Dave Miramant

I am voting for Dave Miramant for Maine State Senate from District 12.

Sen. Miramant has served this district extremely well during his time in Augusta — this will be his final term before being term limited. Dave brings great awareness of the way things work in Augusta and has the ability to effect change by working there and with his constituents. He also is a great advocate within the district providing a good ear and strong ability to provide constituent services.

Personally, I called Sen. Miramant to assist with a difficult situation that arose with the ferry service and island businesses. We were at an impasse. Dave was able to call a meeting with DOT and Maine State Ferry representatives and two business representatives.

Because of his level-headedness and ability to mediate, we were able to be heard and to move forward with an acceptable solution. This could not have happened without his presence and voice. Dave is good for our district. Vote for David Miramant for State Senate.

Becky Bartovics

North Haven


Speak Up for Good Governance

To say this year has been abnormal is the understatement of the decade. It’s easy to see all the ways this pandemic has been difficult. It was a trying time for many reasons with uncertainty, frustration, and fear. As the months have passed, I’ve tried to balance the difficulties by reflecting on opportunistic benefits. One notable silver lining was getting to spend two months during the pandemic in the Midcoast, a rare sustained period with my parents as an adult after a decade living away.

Spending time with parents as an adult can have its difficulties. Parents hold onto memories of the child you were, and kids have an unshakable habit of not staying kids they once were. But getting to witness my father, Sen. Dave Miramant, as an adult, instilled in me newfound respect, particularly during this trying time. I have always admired my father’s integrity, grit and leadership, but it’s rare you get to witness these traits during the day-to-day.

Every day, my father juggled constituent phone calls, emails and invaluable errands that had an incredible impact on the lives of each person in need of clarity, support and leadership in the face of uncertainty. I rode along with my father as he dropped off medicine to at-risk neighbors and fixed water heaters. I watched him sit on phone calls for hours to help constituents navigate confusing unemployment benefits.

It’s vogue to denigrate elected officials and government, and perhaps much of this criticism is warranted, but we also need to speak up for what we want in our leaders. My dad has served as our State Senator for District 12 for six years. As a leader who cares about impact, not politics, he’s worked as a lead sponsor of over 60 bipartisan bills and co-sponsored hundreds more, making meaningful differences for the State and our community.

I hope you will speak up for good governance by reelecting my father, Dave Miramant. Please cast your supporting vote on Nov. 3.

Josh Miramant

New York, N.Y.


Vote for Michael Mullins

I'm proud to endorse Michael Mullins as state representative for Maine House District 93.
Mike is open minded, and will carefully consider each issue, ensuring that he is making the best choices for his constituents and the entire state.
Mike is a leader, in both the civic community and business community. He will take that leadership to Augusta, and lead others in the House and Senate to move important legislation forward.
A vote for Mike is a vote for respectful, conscientious leadership; the kind of leadership we can be proud of and that the state of Maine has a great tradition of!

Please vote for Michael Mullins on Nov. 3!

Tom Hedstrom


Politics of Nothing

I had a conversation with a friend recently that went something like this: “Who is your Senate pick?” Answer: “Sarah Gideon.” Me: “WHY?” Answer: “It’s time for bye, bye Susan.” Me: “What do you know about Gideon?” Answer: “Nothing, really.”

In many ways that sums up the Maine Senate race perfectly. I daresay that my friend’s “reasons” for choosing Gideon are probably much the same as for all those people who have Gideon signs on their front lawns.

Millions and millions of dark dollars have been funneled into Maine to present ads that essentially say, “Collins has changed. She doesn’t care about Maine anymore.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Susan Collins hasn’t changed one wit. She authored the landmark PPP legislation that brought direct help to almost a quarter millions Mainers, received the Congressional Medal of Honor Distinguished Citizen Award for her tireless work on behalf veterans, was a key Senate leader behind the U.S.M.C.A. trade agreement which opened the door to economic opportunities for Mainers, and worked tirelessly to support Maine lobstermen and iron workers.

Meanwhile Gideon says she will work as hard in the Senate as she has in the State House – but she hasn’t been there for over six months!

Wow! This is the politics of nothing trying to unseat an honorable, courageous sitting Senator for no other reason than it’s time for a change and “Bye, bye, Susan.”

Citizens of Maine – please do not accept the “nothing” of this empty campaign. Stand up and vote for our Senator, Susan Collins.

Doc Wallace



In support of my son, Mike
I would like to write a letter of endorsement of my son Michael Mullins in his effort to be elected to public office in Rockland and Owls Head.
As his, father I'm proud of his decision to aspire to serve the public in this way.

I am a real estate developer in Massachusetts and have been for over 50 years. Michael and I worked together since he graduated from college. I can affirm that he has successfully developed affordable multifamily apartment projects in our family Real Estate Development and Management Company. His mother, Charlene, grew up in Skowhegan, and other family members still live in Waterville and other cities. As a youngster, Michael spent time with family members and developed a love of Maine.

Michael surprised me when he decided to run for public office. He is a very independent thinker and very intelligent like his mother. In early years in school, he was described by his teachers as very independent in his thinking and always brought a different perspective to a discussion.
I am most proud of his honesty and personal integrity. He will not tell someone what he thinks they want to hear.
My wife and I both wanted to raise honest children and that is what we have.
Sadly, my wife passed away a little over a year ago and she will not be able to enjoy Michael’s recent success.
I was once again surprised when Michael opened up a Non Profit “pop up” factory to manufacture face masks to address the local need for medical supplies at his commercial building on Mt. Battie Street in Camden.
Michael is presently in Brazil with his fiancé awaiting the birth of his first son.
I do not know what comes next but I can sincerely say that Michael will honor his commitment to work on behalf of the citizens of Rockland and Owls head in the Legislature if he is elected to that position in November.
Thank you for the opportunity to speak on behalf of my son, Michael Mullins.
Joseph R. Mullins
Quincy, Mass.


I’m going with Gideon!

There is no debating that Senator Collins has supported, promoted, enabled and voted with this debacle of a president and his administration 94% of the time. There is nothing moderate about the facts of this voting record.

I very much respected what our senator pledged when she ran and was elected in 1996, that she would only serve two terms. I believe that with the act of reneging on that promise and becoming a career politician, she has lost sight of home and heart, choosing power and profits over the people of Maine. What is true is that she is no longer the moderate senator she once was.

I don’t know about you, but I’m weary of talking about and listening to all that is wrong with our country.  Now is the time to move forward and start making things right. I believe the best solution we have is to vote for Sara Gideon and let someone new take the helm.

I want a senator  who is in touch with what challenges the people in Maine. I want a senator who goes beyond political posturing between both sides and has the backbone to stand up and vote for what is right for people, not simply her party, or corporations. I want a senator that leads by sitting side by side with colleagues on both sides of the aisle, getting back to the old days where those who disagree could sit together, have civil debate and come to some agreement that met the needs of their constituency. I want a senator that supports, will fight for and vote for the rights of women; vote  for affordable health care, especially for those with pre-existing conditions; vote for protecting the environment; vote for justice and equality for all people, not all corporations.

We have two weeks to hold in our minds eye, and work for what we do want! I  want Sara Gideon!

Kate McMorrow


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