Camden Herald Letters to the Editor Oct. 10

Oct 10, 2019

Get a clue

Its so interesting the reactions one hears while exercising one's right to peaceably demonstrate discontent.

While most have been positive, some of the comments make me scratch my head. What's with the "Get a job!" command? Do they think we don't have jobs? Do they think we are all on welfare, panhandlers, or are getting paid by George Soros? What kind of jobs should we have? And if we had *those* jobs should we be content to let a wannabe-dictator and his army of sycophants tear up the Constitution, destroy democracy, make a mockery of the rule of law, betray our allies and sell us out to our enemies? Do they think as long as the economy is doing well and we have those jobs we should not raise our concerns?

I wonder what they would think if they knew we all do have jobs, except some who are retired after a lifetime of working. We are nurses, doctors, teachers, builders, farmers, artists, business owners, architects, retired military and more - we all pay taxes, contribute to the local economy, vote, and pay attention to what is going on. It is actually a personal sacrifice for each of us to devote time on top of our jobs and our family to participate in these actions of conscience. But we do it, despite our jobs and sometimes at great risk to our jobs because we love our country, we want our democracy to be fair and work for all of us.

Wonder what Mr. “Get-a-job" has done for his country lately.

Sarah Holland



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Comments (1)
Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Oct 10, 2019 13:34

Right on Sarah!

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