Camden Herald Letters to the Editor May 17

May 17, 2018

Rep. Sutton’s “no” vote on LD 1874

In her letter describing the conversation she had with Rep. Paula Sutton [Courier-Gazette, May 10, Letters], Debra Andreasen expressed how happy she was that our District 95 Representative cleared things up for her regarding her vote on LD 1874. This bill will fund a program that supplements Child Protective Services by coordinating the community-based efforts of schools, police, churches, and nonprofits in identifying cases of child abuse and neglect. Such a program has been running in much of the state for two years and, contrary to the Governor’s claims, has been proven effective. Marissa Kennedy and Kendall Chick, two children recently lost to extreme abuse, lived in areas covered only by Child Protective Services.

Representative Sutton’s “no” vote on LD 1874 is, in fact, agenda driven and, along with all her votes, completely in line with the ideology she shares with the Governor. As she herself said, the optics surrounding her vote are objectionable. The odor is even worse. Fortunately, in November we have an alternative to Rep. Sutton.

Harold B. Mosher



Thanks to volunteers

The John Street United Methodist Church of Camden thanks the many volunteers who supported our recent “Happy Birthday and All That Jazz” event to benefit the Knox County Homeless Coalition.

The Monday Nite Jazz Orchestra provided sensational music that brought smiles and swaying throughout the church, definitely providing a party atmosphere. Laugh Loud and Smile Big and Camden Hannaford provided cupcakes, as did a dozen neighbors and friends. Friends brought mylar balloons that decorated spaces both inside and out. Many hands helped with set up and clean up.

Most importantly, there were the wonderful donors who were very generous in their donations for the Coalition, raising over $1,000 in an afternoon!

Jean Boobar

Member, John Street United Methodist Church




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