Camden Herald Letters to the Editor March 8

Mar 08, 2018

Supporting a neighbor and friend

In response to the article by Stephen Betts, "Judge Orders Camden ‘Spite Fence’ to be Trimmed," we the under-signed Harbor Road residents and former residents, wish to express our concern for our long-time neighbor and friend.

Patty (Breed) Arcuni-English has lived a quiet, private life here for 50-plus years and been a kind and caring neighbor to those who live near her and those in our wider community.

Until recently our neighbor-to-neighbor relationships could be characterized as friendly, communicative and supportive. We are now disappointed that this neighborly spirit has eroded and we are dismayed that of all people, Patty is on the receiving end of this unfamiliar reality.

We are sorry she has had to endure this anxiety-inducing legal process and we want her to know she has the support of her many friends, as she has in the past and will continue to have in the future.


Susan & Shane Flynn - Camden

Wendy & Jeff Charland - Rockport

Richard Bernhard - Camden

Alec & Caroline Sutherland - Camden

Katie & Andy Klaber - Camden

Betsy Perry & Neil Sweet - Camden

Andrew & Nesrin Tisdale - Camden


“D-Day” in the war against addiction in Midcoast Maine

It is time for our community to get organized and to take local action on the war against drug addiction. By all measurements, this terrible problem continues to worsen and is affecting thousands of people in Midcoast Maine. While we do have some excellent leaders representing our community, it is also clear that many local, state and federal leaders are not effectively leading us out of this problem.

As with any important social movement, change will need to come from local residents who will choose to take a stance for change. This is our time.

Two weeks ago, Janet Mills released the latest report about drug overdose deaths in Maine. The death rate continues to climb relentlessly, up another 11 percent to 418 deaths from 2016 to 2017. Over the past two years, the overdose death rate went up by 50 percent, clearly showing that this epidemic continues to spiral out of control.

In America, drug overdose deaths are now the number one cause of death for people under age 50 – 65,000 deaths in the U.S. in 2016. For the first time in the past 50 years, the average life expectancy for Americans has fallen two years in a row, due to the opioid epidemic.

In Knox County 10 percent of babies are born from mothers addicted to opiates, 25 percent of teens use drugs regularly, 90 percent of inmates at the Knox County jail are addicted to drugs and thousands of residents struggle with addiction and related poverty with very little support and help.

Elves will not come in the night to solve our addiction problems. While our government is starting to address this issue, too little is being done, and too late, to slow this epidemic. If we don’t get organized and begin to take local action, this will bankrupt our community. Already, the cost to each of us is thousands of dollars a year, which would be much better spent on treatment rather than in picking up the many broken pieces of untreated disease.

The Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition plans to coordinate a series of meetings for Midcoast Maine residents to become educated, provide input and to get involved in solutions. For now, please mark your calendars to plan to attend one of these two meetings to join together to make battle plans to fight this terrible plague on our community:

Wednesday, April 18 – 4 p.m. at the Oceanside High School Auditorium

Wednesday, April 18 – 7 p.m. at the Camden Regional High School Auditorium

Please stay tuned for more information about these meetings and plans to energize our community to action. For questions, please contact us at 701-1182 or Thank you.

Ira Mandel, MD, MPH

Mid-Coast Recovery Coalition



Opposing Bill LD 1781

So great to run into Camden's Sen. Dave Miramant at the State House last Tuesday as I passed out flyers opposing corporate welfare bill LD 1781. Miramant assured me, "I would never vote to give them a tax break."

It's reassuring that at least a few senators plan to vote against this coercive bill, which proposes that our state, one of the less wealthy states, grants an additional $60 million in public assistance to mega-wealthy WMD corporation General Dynamics, owners of the shipbuilding facility in Bath. Taxpayers in Maine have already subsidized General Dynamics to the tune of over $200 million over the past two decades. A corporation that paid its CEO over $21 million last year, and which continues to buy back billions of its own stocks, obviously doesn't need Maine's meager wealth. They raked in over $12 billion from U.S. taxpayers last year alone.

In fact, GD has become so rich selling warships, nuclear weapons, and private jets that, to paraphrase Chris Busby's February cover story in the Portland monthly, The Bollard, "Ship of Fools: Tax breaks for BIW, WWIII for the rest of us," instead of gifting them an additional $60 million, it would be reasonable for our legislators to politely ask the GD board to refund the over $200 million Maine has already granted them.

Good luck to Sen. Miramant if he tries it!

Jason Rawn



Ropeless Lobster Fishing

After reading the "Ropeless Lobster Fishing" article in the March 1 Courier - I was certain there was a mistake - April Fools hadn't arrived early this year - OR HAD IT?!

The scientific portion of my brain, sprung into inventive mode, and thus a proposal to help solve the "Rope on Lobster Trap" problem.

Why not implant lobster eggs or tiny baby lobsters with inflatable life jackets? These would automatically inflate when a desirable weight of say one-and-a-half lobster was reached - thus bringing the unsuspecting crustacean to the surface where a ropeless trap awaits its arrival! Those traps would of course be organic, which would allow the automatic release of "catch" from the dissolving trap in case the lobsterman (or lobsterlady) never returned to the spot to retrieve his or her "catch.” This failed because the GPS had been interfered with by The Russians!

The above solution almost as likely to happen as ropeless fishing!

April Fool early.

Claire Frye









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