Camden Herald Letters to the Editor June 7

Jun 07, 2018
Adam Cote will make a great governor

Why? Let me explain to you.

I’ve only recently decided who I’m supporting for governor this year, after much consideration. Given the democratic field for governor includes many diverse candidates, it was a tough decision. But ultimately, I felt Adam would help Mainers succeed more than any other candidate could.

Adam is a veteran, and as he has explained to me before, he made tough decisions when serving overseas in Bosnia, Iraq, & Afghanistan. Having over 20 years of military experience, including serving in the Maine Army National Guard, Adam is equipped with decision-making skills no other contenders for governor have. But he also is aware of the process many veterans have endured once returning home from war: struggles with the Veterans Administration, given that he has been through similar challenges himself.

Some people may be wondering, “why is he running as a democrat?” That is not for me to answer, but I will say this: When I was reviewing Adam’s experience, background, and stances, I didn’t let the word “democrat” determine my decision-making. I see Adam for who he is: forward-thinking, common-sense, passionate & driven, a Mainer, and a veteran. I would also like to encourage you to do the same, for any candidate, for any office. See people for who they are, and then you may be equipped with a better understanding of them as an individual.

Adam connects with people of different backgrounds, income levels, and geographic locations, including Mainers in rural areas. In case you didn’t know, Adam ran as a democrat for Congress (in Maine’s 1st District) in 2008, but lost to Rep. Chellie Pingree in the primary. What was striking to me, even though he lost, was that he won more rural areas and municipalities across the district than Pingree. Rural Maine is struggling, given changing industries, lack of broadband, or just the common feeling that their voice isn’t being represented in Augusta. It’s important to change that, and I think Adam is the right person for that job.

Finally, I think it is really important to have more veterans in elected offices, and that is another reason why I’m supporting him. Additionally, Adam connects with Maine people in ways his opponents, including Janet Mills, can’t. I respect Attorney General Mills, but I personally don’t think she can connect with a wide variety of Mainers outside of what is the generally known older, democratic base in our state. If you’re looking for someone who has been in politics for a long time and is an establishment candidate, than vote for Janet. If you’re looking for someone who hasn’t been in politics for long, but has strong leadership and decision-making skills, as well as the ability to work with all different types of people, than vote for Adam.

We need a leader who can represent Maine and all of its people--not just certain groups or individuals, but all Mainers. Adam is the right person for the job.

Jackson Chadwick




Camden School Board Candidate

My name is Patrick McCafferty. I am running for the school board in Camden on June 12.

I grew up in Camden and consider myself downright lucky to have done so. I went to school in SAD 28 from my first day of kindergarten to my high school graduation in the year 2000. I have the fondest memories in the world of all of these buildings and more importantly of the teachers and administrators who helped make me the man I am today, and it is them in particular I would like to have the opportunity to serve. I also have three sons who are in the school system and I have a deeply vested interest in their education and their future.

After high school I went to UMaine in Orono and studied finance. During and after college I worked for 14 years here locally with MBNA America where I had the privilege of working for Mr. Charles Cawley and all of the talented people at MBNA. During my time there I became proficient in banking regulations and modern administration. While I worked at the bank I also started a project in diplomacy and lead a team of multinational strategists from around the world to leverage innovations in communications and 
multimedia to improve and modernize U.S youth cultural exchange programs. In 2013, I was invited to share my ideas with world leaders at the World Justice Forum in the Netherlands. I left banking to be able to work outdoors and to spend more time closer to home. I now own a masonry company here in Camden and with a great team of guys we fix chimneys, build fireplaces, repair foundations, and even have the honor of working on some of our local institutions. We hope to soon establish mentorship programs for youth to work with their hands.

Sometimes while I work I get to see my friends and even my family roaming around the town with the ocean in the background, Mt. Battie in the foreground, and the greatest community you could ask for all around and I feel like the luckiest guy in the world. I don’t see myself as liberal or conservative. I see myself as pragmatic. When I see something that works I want to do the same thing and improve upon it if I can. When I see a problem I want to fix it.

I don’t approach the School Board as a reformer or a hard charger. I approach the position with modesty and with the commitment to learn as much as I can about the community’s vision for the school district and about the teachers who do the most important job in the world. I want to do my part to take any unnecessary burden from them. I will also strive to be a responsible decision maker.

I also have a brilliant wife and I think a lot of people would vote for me just because they believe that she would influence me. I would encourage you to vote for her instead of me if she were running but she is a bit busy at the moment with the three boys so I am going to take this one for the team.

Thank you all for your consideration and thank you to everyone in the school district who had such a big impact on my life. There were times you literally carried me on your shoulders and I am forever grateful for you all!

Patrick McCafferty



In support of Patrick McCafferty for School Board

As a Camden resident and parent of two, I write in enthusiastic support of Patrick McCafferty and his candidacy for the School Board. Having known Patrick since we were both high school students at the building which is now the middle school, I know him to be fair, balanced, and exceptionally resourceful. Patrick has lived in Camden his entire life, has three wonderful kids in the school system, and owns a local masonry business, all of which provide excellent background and experience for the job. But perhaps more important than any of these things alone is that Patrick is easy to get along with, open-minded, analytical, and extraordinarily good at dealing with conflict and differing opinions. I do not always agree with Patrick but I always feel that he is listening and looking for solutions. He often finds these solutions where others do not and I believe his creativity and vision will be well suited for the task of helping set educational policies and managing millions of dollars in a way that is effective for our students and fair to the taxpayers. I think Patrick shares my feeling that teachers are the most important component of any school system. Both of us are products of the local school system, and both of us attended classes in a variety of buildings of varying caliber, but what we both remember more than that are the excellent teachers who shaped our experience.

Alison McKellar


25 percent over budget - vote no to additional Middle School building funding.

Bids to build the new Camden-Rockport Middle School came in 25 percent over budget ($5,800,000) and the School Board is playing accounting games to get the additional funding.  This is un-acceptable; to be 25 percent over budget before the project even starts – NO WAY!  STOP this wasteful and un-planned 25 percent cost increase.

VOTE NO to the MSAD 28 budget on June 12, 2018 and VOTE NO at the special Middle School meeting on Monday, June 11, 2018 at 6 p.m. at the Camden-Rockport Middle School Gym located on Knowlton Street in Camden.  The School Board is asking to use funds from the gym floor settlement and extend the bond payment an additional year – VOTE NO!  Any project that is 25 percent over budget ($5,800,000) before it has even started should be stopped and re-evaluated.  History shows that budget overruns only get worse as the project proceeds.  VOTE NO to additional spending on the proposed new Camden-Rockport Middle School!

Jamey Kitchen



Knox Dems gubernatorial forum

Our Knox County Democrats' 2018 Gubernatorial Forum at Camden Hills Regional High School May 26 was a great success, both for the folks who attended and for the amazing students who participated in the planning and production of the event.

First, our thanks go to our chair, Zachery Annis, and the seven Democratic candidates for governor: Adam Cote, Donna Dion, Mark Dion, Mark Eves, Janet Mills, Diane Russell and Betsy Sweet. At what must be an incredibly busy time for them, they all took the time, on a holiday weekend, to spend the afternoon with us at the Strom Auditorium. They each had 10 minutes on the "hot seat" answering thoughtful questions posed by our student panel. We are so proud of this field of candidates.

Second, I want to thank all the students who participated in this event: Our student moderators, Eileen Monroy and Aidan Andrews; our panel of questioners, Pearl Benjamin, Greta Bishop, Jesse Bifulco, Jackson Chadwick, Iris Luce, Meredith Luce, Sam Maltese, Frances Ostensen, and Phoebe Walsh from CHRHS; and those who served as our student crew, Isabel Corona-Ferlauto and Matthew Young from Oceanside High School. They all did an amazing, professional job!

And finally, our heartfelt thanks go to the League of Women Voters (for registering voters at the forum), Liz Smith (former chair, KCDC), Tom Heath (CHRHS IT, with student Brad), Mary Winchell (corresponding secretary, KCDC), Amy Fischer, Penelope Padden, Gabriel Blodgett, Wyatt Sykes and Matt Annis (KCDC volunteers), Amy Ferlauto and Thad Feeney (CHRHS teachers), Flatbread Co. (for the pizza), Stop N' Go (for the juice), and Camden Hills staff.

We couldn't have done it without all of you, and we are extremely grateful. For people who were unable to attend the event, a video is available at

Nancy D. Davis

Events Chair, Knox County Democrats


Natural tick preventative

If you don't want to use the chemicals for tick/flea prevention, here is what I discovered about seven years ago.   I have two 10-year old outdoor male cats, and there are many woods for them to roam in.  I was looking for something nutritional to add to their food and observed that it had positive side effects. It is called Braggs Nutritional Yeast Seasoning (or flakes). People who are familiar with it for humans use it on their popcorn or their smoothies.

I put it on their food daily, and they love it.   Since using it, there have been hardly any fleas or ticks.  This season I found two ticks so far. It is one of the best sources of B-vitamins and minerals.  It contains all 16 amino acids, 14 minerals and seven vitamins. It’s also one of the best sources of RNA, which is important in keeping the body immune to degenerative diseases.

You can find it at Hannaford, or a health food store.

Silvia Shanahan



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