Camden Herald Letters to the Editor July 12

Jul 12, 2018

Policy, not divisiveness

In a June 28 letter to the editor, John Shepard wrote that the articles presented weekly [by Another View] were divisive and meant to attack. I would like to assure Mr. Shepard that there is no cut-and-dried list of talking points and that our agenda is to consistently put forth conservative thought that builds our country up instead of tearing it down.

The temptation is to write a long diatribe once again pointing out that the articles written by Another View in the vast majority of cases focus on policy, not attacks. Yet, time and time again, there are those who attack us personally for the opinions that we put forth.

Let us not forget that coming together is not exactly what was meant by the following:

1. One year ago, Republicans were targeted by a shooter on a baseball field for no other reason than the fact that they were Republicans. Congressman Steve Scalise was nearly killed.

2. The Democratic candidate of president in the 2016 election referred to us common folk as "a basket of deplorables."

3. Former President Obama once referred to many of us as "..they get bitter, clinging to their guns or religion, with antipathy towards those who aren't like them..."

4. A former Maine representative who called for the killing of the president.

5. A so-called comedian performs with a decapitated head of the president.

6. The press secretary is not permitted to have a family dinner at a restaurant for no other reason than being in the employ of the president.

7. A prominent congresswoman from California shouts out to her supporters that they should hassle, protest and incite violence whenever they encounter those from the current administration in public.

The above is divisiveness that is non-stop. Coming together is not what is meant by making your political pitch to the black voter, the Hispanic voter, the LGBT voter, the pro-choice voter, and so on.

It baffles me why those who hurl vitriol towards conservatives cannot look in the mirror and see what they themselves are doing. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that when we look in a mirror we are actually seeing the reverse of what is there.

Dale E. Landrith Sr.



Dear Senator Collins,

“...the best way that I can to remain a member of the United States Senate.”

Most Maine citizens agreed with you last year, myself included. Three years earlier, you had won a fourth term in office - by a landslide. We trusted you then. We trust you now.
Today, the majority of Maine citizens support keeping Roe v. Wade and reversing Citizens United. Perhaps you foresaw what many of us did not; perhaps you knew this was to be one of your greater accomplishments: you can bring balance back to the Supreme Court.

Whatever it takes, I urge you to block the President’s efforts to appoint the next Justice until after the fall elections.


Ralph S. White (Steve)


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