Camden Herald Letters to the Editor Jan. 16

Jan 16, 2020

Vaccination question

I read that the number of cases of flu has increased in Knox County and the state as a whole. Health officials recommend vaccinations as one method of prevention or at least mitigating the symptoms.

I wonder whether parents who do not get their children vaccinated for childhood ailments have them vaccinated for flu. Also, do they have their children vaccinated against polio?

I do not want to engage readers in a debate about vaccinations. What I would like to know is the rationale for not vaccinating children against some childhood diseases yet electing to vaccinate against flu and/or polio.

Robert Williams



Steer the nation toward hope

November 3, 2020 will be a decisive juncture in America's future — we'll either continue descending deeper into dysfunction and darkness or we'll take the tiller and steer the nation toward shared prosperity and hope. As an Independent voter, I have no allegiance to either political party, but it's clear we need a new skipper or the nation is going to run aground quickly.

While none of the current presidential candidates is flawless, I believe there's one in particular who best understands the rot that threatens the integrity of our ship and has the means to fix it: Elizabeth Warren. Whether it's the fact that working folks struggle to get by while a small sliver of the wealthiest among us skim off more and more of the cream; or that our leaders refuse to address the challenge of climate change; or that opioids continue to ravage communities and destroy families while pharmaceutical companies who push these drugs reap untold riches — all of these problems and more stem largely from a government that caters to the corporations and donors who write the biggest checks.

Warren understands the problem and is not afraid to speak honestly about it. Her campaign is a true grassroots effort, fueled by ordinary Americans from all walks of life eager to restore the American dream for themselves, their kids and their grandkids. If you're not already aboard, check out her website ( to learn more about her detailed plans and see for yourself.

The other day I had a conversation with a despondent man who felt that “It's all over for America — we're cooked." I admit I sometimes feel the same way. But the fight's not over and if enough of us rally together we can still turn this ship around. Get involved any way you can.

Ed Geis



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Comments (4)
Posted by: SUZANNE WILLIAMS | Jan 22, 2020 11:22

I had a phone call recently asking my opinion on the upcoming vote to overturn the newly enacted rules on childhood vaccination. The proposed change would allow parents to object on philosophical or religious reasons. Some one help me. by telling  me specifically the philosophical or religious reason. It would help if you wrote the reason as a complete sentence.

Robert Williams

Posted by: SUZANNE WILLIAMS | Jan 21, 2020 15:39

Now the coronavirus is in the US will parents who refused vaccines for their children continue to deny it to themselves and their children if a vaccine is developed?

Robert Williams

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Jan 16, 2020 16:36

Well said, Kendall.

Posted by: Kendall Merriam | Jan 16, 2020 09:18

The parents who do not vaccinate their children are relying on junk "science" as promoted on various unreliable internet sites.Not only are they putting their children in danger, these parents are putting other children in danger. Representative Miramant is an elected public figure who has also bought into the junk science movement despite local pediatricians attempting to educate Miramant.

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