Camden Herald Letters to the Editor Aug. 29

Aug 29, 2019

Pen Bay staff 'knowledgeable, genuinely caring'

What a shock! I went from feeling perfectly healthy -- hiking, swimming and kayaking -- to being on an IV at Pen Bay Medical Center. My husband and I had spent three of our planned seven-day vacation when sudden severe abdominal pain sent me to the emergency room.

But what we want people in the Rockland/Rockport area to know is how much we appreciate the hospital you support. From the emergency room to the operating room to the recovery room, the entire staff at Pen Bay were efficient, knowledgeable and genuinely caring.

All my questions were answered, and no matter when I called for assistance, someone cheerfully responded. A cot was added to the room so that my husband could stay with me. We made use of the airy sitting room at the end of the wing with a view of the wildflowers and forest beyond. Anyone aware of the studies that show exposure to nature improves human health would be pleased to see the grounds at Pen Bay. My husband walked the Wellness Trail every day.

There is a form available to allow patients to thank a staff member for offering extraordinary assistance. I would have had to complete a form for everyone who helped in bringing me back to health. Thus, this letter, which I hope will give them deserved recognition!

Pam Stewart

Jasper, Ark.


The importance of keeping the dams

Since the question of should we keep the dams or let nature take its course, I have thought very much about it. The dams that ran the many mills of long ago are no longer needed. The river and falls are beautiful, but very expensive to maintain. I have lived in town my whole life, but did not know much abut the dams until I served on the Dam Committee.

The town was happy to accept the Montgomery Dam and Seabright Dam, because then they had control of the river water, so the town would not be flooded.  Things change with time, but one very important thing, I believe, has not changed. The Twin Dams or Molyneaux Dams, or East/ West Dams (whatever you prefer to call them), serve the towns of Camden and Lincolnville with great impact.  It keeps the water of Megunticook Lake at a desired level. Should those dams be removed, the property rates of many owners of that prime property around and on the lake would really go down, as the lake water goes.

They will all tell you that their property taxes are high. The town of Camden will tell you that all the departments which Camden needs are paid mostly by property taxes and it would no longer be the beautiful lake.  Owners want their prime property and the town must have property taxes to operate. To me, this is the most important reason for keeping the dams.

Barbara F. Dyer



Support Meals on Wheels

I am a volunteer driver for Meals on Wheels. Sometimes my route takes me around Rockland and Owls Head for about two hours. Other times I drive the route down Highway 73 to Spruce Head, then on to Port Clyde. Heading up Highway 131 to Thomaston and then toward Hope, the route continues to Warren then down the other side of St. George valley to Friendship and Cushing. The route ends in South Thomaston and is 120 miles long and about five hours.

Every client of Meals on Wheels is appreciative, smiling and gracious. You get to open a carton of milk for a blind man who does not have the strength to do so. The almost blind lady asks what has been brought today and it is roast beef with gravy, mashed potatoes, carrots, milk, a soft roll and fruit cup. As a smile comes to her face, she whispers thank you.

Please help these very needy people with a program that has basically no costs except for the food. Send a donation to Meals On Wheels, 46 Summer St., Rockland, ME 04841.

Thank you.

Robert W. Knapp



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