Camden Herald Letters to the Editor April 5

Apr 05, 2018

Youth doing what their elders have failed to do


It is with a great deal of love and admiration that I write this letter to the young people of our country and the world.

Being a woman, wife, mother, grandmother and soon-to-be great-grandmother, I watch with incredulity what is going on in our world today. Yes, there have been wars and pestilence for centuries, but now it has moved up to killing children in schools.

In my 30-plus years as a schoolteacher, I was once told by a student that I was his "mother away from home." When a child thinks of his mother, he often correlates it with love and safety. What kind of safety is it when we have to arm a schoolteacher with a gun to protect the young people they are trying to teach not only math and science, but how to get along with their fellow classmates and the world?

We have numerous adults for our young people to emulate, but the ones who are held up in front of our young people the most by way of TV, newspapers, text, etc. are the greedy, morally corrupt and unethical people whom we as a nation elected to lead our country.

When is this going to be resolved?

Well, it looks as if the young people coming up are willing to step up to the plate, thank God.

So, march, love, pray and lift your voices high, and hopefully the adults who want a peaceful coexistence on this earth will join you to rid ourselves of the plague which has infected our globe.

Elizabeth Heald




Gubernatorial candidate Adam Cote

Mainers are lucky to have a candidate running for governor who can bridge divides and move Maine forward — making it a leader in clean energy, sustainable agriculture and education. Adam Cote, a Democrat, offers a vision that crosses party lines. Dedicated to fostering dialogue, he can move us past the divisive rhetoric and political gridlock of recent years.

Adam is a Sanford native who served for two decades in the Maine Army National Guard, with combat tours in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan. He knows firsthand the challenges facing Maine and has a clear vision for where our state needs to be in ten years. An energy attorney, Adam is committed to making Maine the first state in the Nation fueled 100 percent by renewable power. That dramatic expansion of renewable energy will generate good jobs, protect the region’s clean air and water and lessen the chance of further climate disruptions.

Learn more about Adam’s vision, qualifications and policy positions at And then vote in the June 12 primary. (If you’re independent and want to participate, you can register temporarily with a party; and you can vote at age 17 if you will turn 18 by the November election.) Adam can do a great deal for the people of Maine, but it’s up to each of us to help elect him.

Marina Schauffler


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