Camden Herald Letters to the Editor April 25

Apr 25, 2019

Taking a fresh look at the proposed Rockport library

It’s time to take another look at Rockport’s new library project. The bids are in and they are above the project’s current budget. Size and location are the obvious places to start. The library as designed is too big for the neighborhood. It creates additional costs of parking and street realignment to fit it into the Limerock Street location. The Library Foundation will not pay these costs. This will be an additional burden on taxpayers. The library as designed requires blasting in a neighborhood with houses closely abutting the site. The library as designed requires changing local streets and an intersection that will make a visit to the future library unsafe. The library as designed minimizes the importance of a downtown park and does not address the advantages of a library built in a park-like setting. The Library Foundation does not have the budget to build this library. It’s time to rethink the library’s footprint on the neighborhood or change its location.

Mary Stevens




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