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Camden Adult Coed Softball League season heads down stretch

Two-time defending champion Free Press Redwings back atop standings
By Staff | Jul 31, 2014
Photo by: Ken Waltz Willey Wharf's Jake Holmes tosses a pitch during a July 30 Camden Adult Coed Softball League regular-season game against Free Press Redwings. Willey's won 6-3 to halt the Redwings' unbeaten start.

As the Camden Adult Coed Softball League regular season winds down and teams continue to jockey for postseason position, the competition has been intense and it appears, on any given day, any squad can beat.

Two-time defending league champion Free Press Redwings started the season 9-0 and appeared to run away with first place and still may. But the Redwings finally lost a recent game (actually two straight) which gave others the feeling perhaps the crown can be pried from the hands of the title holders.

As of Aug. 4, the two-time defending champion Free Press Redwings sat atop the regular-season standings at 9-2. The remainder of the teams had suffered a few more setbacks than that on the young season.

A couple of squads from last year dropped out of the league, but the popular summer league gained two new teams to maintain the status quo.

League games are played weeknights at 6 p.m. at the Camden Snow Bowl, Lincolnville Central School and Jaycee Park on Old County Road in Rockland.

Click for photos from the July 30 Free Press Redwings versus Willey Wharf.

Click for photos from the July 29 New England Concrete versus French & Brawn.

Click for photos from the July 17 Blue Sky Cantina and Feeners Pride game.

The league standings as of Aug. 4 were: Free Press Redwings, 9-2, .818 winning percentage; Knox County Benchwarmers, 7-4, .636; French & Brawn, 6-5, .545; Willey Wharf, 6-5, .545; Feeners' Pride, 6-6, .500; Blue Sky Cantina, 6-6, .500; Schooners, 2-8, .200; and Northeast Concrete, 2-8, .200.

The competitive league is open to a wide range of age groups, with some in the league playing into their 60s.

Season results (as of Aug. 4)

Willey Wharf 6, Feeners' Pride 4.

Knox County Benchwarmers 11, Blue Sky Cantina 8.

Blue Sky Cantina 7, Free Press Redwings 6.

Knox County Benchwarmers 9, Feeners' Pride 1.

French & Brawn 5, Blue Sky Cantina 4.

Willey Wharf 6, Free Press Redwings 3.

Schooners 15, Northeast Concrete 5.

French & Brawn 10, Northeast Concrete 2.

Feeners' Pride 8, Schooners 6.

Knox County Benchwarmers 15, Schooners 1.

Blue Sky Cantina 10, Willey Wharf 4.

French & Brawn 7, Knox County Benchwarmers 4.

Free Press Redwings 8, Feeners' Pride 3.

Feeners' Pride 9, Northeast Concrete 4.

Free Press Redwings 6, Schooners 5.

Blue Sky Cantina 8, Schooners 5.

Free Press Redwings 19, Northeast Concrete 8.

Feeners' Pride 8, Blue Sky Cantina 5.

Willey Wharf 14, French & Brawn 1.

Feeners 7, French & Brawn 6. (6 inns.)

Northeast Concrete beat Knox County Benchwarmers.

Willey Wharf 13, Schooners 12.

Free Press Redwings 9, Knox County Benchwarmers 7.

Schooners 12, French & Brawn 10.

Willey Wharf 15, Northeast Concrete 7.

Willey Wharf 10, Feeners' Pride 8.

Northeast Concrete 10, Blue Sky Cantina 9.

Free Press Redwings 6, French & Brawn 5.

Blue Sky Cantina 9, Knox County Benchwarmers 5.

French & Brawn 7, Blue Sky Cantina 2.

Knox County Benchwarmers 11, Feeners' Pride 8.

Free Press Redwings 7, Willey Wharf 6.

Free Press Redwings 14, Blue Sky Cantina 4.

French & Brawn 12, Northeast Concrete 2.

Knox County Benchwarmers 9, Willey Wharf 2.

Feeners' Pride 8, Schooners 1.

Free Press Redwings 22, Northeast Concrete 0.

Knox County Benchwarmers 15, Schooners 0.

Blue Sky Cantina 20, Willey Wharf 4.

Free Press Redwings 7, Feeners' Pride 5.

Knox County Benchwarmers 7, French & Brawn 4.

Feeners' Pride 11, Northeast Concrete 4.

Blue Sky Cantina 12, Schooners 4.

French & Brawn won by forfeit over Willey Wharf.

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Posted by: Steven D Bryant | Aug 06, 2014 06:00

Good luck to all heading into the playoffs. Truly enjoyed all the years of officiating games. Met some new and old friends. Shared in some memorable / emotional moments on and off the field. (Pete Stone RIP) Nice to see that young, talented players are picking up the game and continuing the league. But some of the old duffers from Bilbo Baggin's Field days are still going strong. (canes and all)  lol. Absolutely love the game and what it means to these men and women to compete at a high level, then share a beer afterwards while their children look on from the sidelines. Look forward to getting out to watch the playoffs.



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