Call for Poetry Month Rockland poems

Feb 26, 2014
Gayle LaVallee was the Adult category winner of last year’s Poetry Month Rockland poetry contest. Deadline for this year’s contest is April 1.

Rockland — April — National Poetry Month and, locally, Poetry Month Rockland — is just a few weeks away. Deadline for submissions to Poetry Month Rockland’s annual poetry contest is April 1.

This year’s theme is Windows, Doors, Mirrors. Poetry allows us to look both forward and inward, giving a means to reflect. So do windows, doors and mirrors. Although windows, doors and mirrors are concrete items, they are in their own ways like poems. Rockland Poet Laureate Carol W. Bachofner asks what are the windows, doors and mirrors in your life? What do you see when you look out, look in or reflect on your own image? How does what you see impact your life?

Categories for the contest are as follows: Child 1, Pre-K to third grade; Child 2, fourth to seventh grade; Teen, eighth through 12th grades; and Adult, college age and beyond.

In the Teen and Adult categories, poems to be submitted should focus on the theme, in all its possibilities. Line limit is approximately 40 lines (or what fits on one side of a single sheet of paper in No. 12 font). Poems must be typed.

In the Child 1 and Child 2 categories, writers are asked to consider what they see when they look out windows; what they imagine behind closed doors; who and what they see when they look in the mirror and write a poem of any length (up to a single page) and describe their adventure of looking. Accompanying art is most welcome, but not required. Poems in these categories need not be typed.

Two copies of the poem should be submitted, one with no identifying information and one with name, address, phone number, email (optional) on the back of the poem. Poems must be submitted by mail or delivered to the Rockland Public Library at 80 Union St.; write POETRY CONTEST and age category on the envelope.

For more information, contact the library or email Bachofner at

Courier Publications’ A&E Editor Dagney C. Ernest can be reached at (207) 594-4401, ext. 115; or

Gayle LaVallee’s winning 2013 entry.
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