But What Is the Cost Savings to Heat My House with Wood or Pellet?

Give  it a Try!


In Mid Coast Maine, the cost of green hardward firewood is $200-$230 per cord  cut, split & delivered. Ready- to- use firewood (seasoned and dry) is more like $275-$300 a cord.  One would not likely opt to purchase softwood as a heating option but many firewood dealers sell mixed firewood which may include some softer woods. 

Pellet fuel costs vary greatly and some pellet stoves are fussy about what they will burn. Currently we find pellets around $240 a ton although some promotions were as low as $190 earlier in the year.  Our Harman showroom model has burned most brands found locally. 

Hard Coal is available in mid coast Maine at a select number of building supply stores. The current pricing is $320-$350 a ton.

According to www.maineoil.com Fuel oil cash pricing varies from $3.45 to $3.80 locally.

Maine government energy's website 

http://www.maine.gov/energy/fuel_prices/index.shtml indicates that the average cost of propane in midcoast Maine is $2.72 per gallon however your annual usage would determine the pricing. Propane as a heating option could be much lower per gallon. At our showroom in Rockland we currently pay $2.20 a gallon

Our electic bills are two part; one portion for the delivery and another for the amount of electricity used. The Maine Energy site uses the cost of electricity as 15 cents per KWH. 

The Jotul fuel tool (link above) calculates the cost comparisons for the various fuels.  The fuels are priced per MILLION BTU of heat delivered to your home. This assures that you can compare the actual heat received from each fuel on an equal basis. 

Jotul has also provided the yearly costs for heating an average single home with each fuel.


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