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Busy Busline League soccer teams work toward playoffs

Boys, girls, coed squads battle on pitch for regular-season victories
By Staff | Oct 05, 2017
Photo by: Mark Haskell Scene from Appleton at Lincolnville Busline League middle school coed soccer on Sept. 20.

While the weather has been unseasonably warm, the play in the Busline League boys, girls and coed soccer divisions also has been white hot, as squads look to improve playoff positions as the regular season winds down.

Teams from Oceanside, Medomak, Camden-Rockport, Troy Howard of Belfast, Searsport, Woolwich, Boothbay, Great Salt Bay and Wiscasset compete in boys and girls soccer.

Teams from Appleton, Bristol, Camden-Rockport, Islesboro, Hope, Jefferson, Lincolnville, Nobleboro, St. George and Vinalhaven compete in coed soccer.

The postseason will begin for some on Wednesday, Oct. 11, while the championship games for all three divisions will be on Saturday, Oct. 21 on the artificial surface at Point Lookout in Northport.

Coaches can report results to Courier Publications/VillageSoup by emailing game information or by sending photos, taken by a smartphone, of the home and away books, to sports@courierpublicationsllc.com. Results also can be reported by calling 594-4401, extension 116.

Results below may not reflect information from both teams, but only include what is provided.

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Watch vide below of Appleton at Lincolnville coed soccer.

The following is a recap of recently-reported results:

Girls soccer

Camden-Rockport 4, Oceanside 0

At Camden Oct. 2, the Schooners shut out the visiting Mariners. Camden-Rockport led 3-0 at halftime.

Leading the Schooner offense were Ali Tassoni (2 goals), Ali Saucier (goal), Julia Benson (goal) and Lauren Schenk (assist).

Kyra Anderson, Lily Engass, Eliana Cortese and Ellie Andrus saw time in goal for the hosts.

Great Salt Bay 2, Oceanside 1

At Thomaston Sept. 29, the Cougars doubled up the host Mariners.

Audrey Mackie creased the net for the lone score for Oceanside.

Medomak 2, Camden-Rockport 2 (OT)

At Waldoboro Sept. 27, the Riverhawks and Schooners battled to a stalemate. Camden-Rockport held a 2-0 lead at halftime.

The Riverhawks responded in the second half with goals from Annie Vannoy and Grace White, while Lizzi Swan logged an assist.

Oceanside 4, Troy Howard 3

At Thomaston Sept. 27, the Mariners bested the visiting Lions.

Grace VanBuskirk, Emily Sykes and Audrey Mackie (2) scored goals for Oceanside, while Lexie Knowlton logged an assist. Kendra Hood played in goal for the Mariners.

Medomak 3, Oceanside 0

At Waldoboro Sept. 25, the Riverhawks emerged victorious over the Mariners. Medomak held a 1-0 edge at halftime.

Leading the Riverhawk offense were Chelsea Sykes (goal), Annie Vannoy (assist), Lizzi Swan (goal), Megan Lee (goal) and Rachel Readinger (assist).

Kendra Hood played in goal and had several topnotch saves for Oceanside.

Medomak coach Andrea Williamson said “great defense was played by Zaniah Puchalski, Julia Kunesh and Quinn Overlock,” while “great distribution of the ball was done by Alyssa Creamer, Annie Vannoy and Autumn Ripley.”

Camden-Rockport 2, Woolwich 0

At Woolwich Sept. 25, the Schooners bested the Wildcats.

Ali Tassoni netted both goals for Camden-Rockport.

Camden-Rockport 6, Searsport 0

At Camden Sept. 22, the Schooners blanked the visiting Vikings.

Ali Tassoni netted three goals in the win, while Molly Hixon, Lauren Schenk and Auren Teel added one.

Camden-Rockport 3, Great Salt Bay 0

At Camden Sept. 20, the Schooners sailed to a win over the Cougars. Camden-Rockport led 3-0 at halftime.

Ali Tassoni scored two goals for Camden-Rockport and one from Felicity Whalen. Whalen and Ali Saucier also logged assists.

Ella Graffam minded the net for the Schooners.

Medomak 4, Searsport 0

At Searsport Sept. 20, the Riverhawks blanked the Vikings. Medomak led 3-0 at halftime.

Leading the Riverhawk scoring attack were Cameron Bains (goal), Lizzi Swan (goal), Iris Casas (goal) and Annie Vannoy (goal).

Medomak 7, Troy Howard 0

At Waldoboro Sept. 18, the Riverhawks emerged victorious over the Lions.

Leading the Medomak offense were Ruth Havener (2 goals), Cameron Bains (goal), Grace White (goal), Lizzi Swan (assist), Baylee Stewart (goal), Khylie Cochran (goal), Annie Vannoy (assist) and Rachel Readinger (goal).

Stewart and Addison McCormick split time in net for the hosts.

Previous Troy Howard scores also included: Sept. 18, Medomak 7, Troy Howard 0; Sept. 15, Great Salt Bay 2, Troy Howard 1; Sept. 14, Troy Howard 6, Wiscasset 1; Sept. 13, Woolwich 4, Troy Howard 2; and Sept. 11, Camden-Rockport 7, Troy Howard 1.

Boys soccer

Oceanside 4, Camden-Rockport 3 (OT)

At Camden Oct. 2, the Mariners struck for the game-winning goal in overtime to outlast the Schooners.

Daniel Butler scored three goals for Oceanside — including the game-winner in overtime on a breakaway — while Hayden Jacques added a goal on a penalty kick.

Isaiah Meklin minded the net for Oceanside.

Camden-Rockport 5, Woolwich 4

At Woolwich Sept. 28, the Schooners sailed past the host Wildcats.

Zanni Sabatini, Lucas Moody and Wilson Fedarko scored goals for Camden-Rockport.

“We scored off of a corner kick with under two minutes remaining to win the game,” said Camden-Rockport coach Zak Hollingshead. “Strong performances all the way around from all of the boys.”

Camden-Rockport 8, Woolwich 1

At Woolwich Sept. 25, the Schooners sailed past the Wildcats.

Leading the Camden-Rockport scoring attack were Elias Libby (3 goals, assist), Joah Thompson (goal), Aidan O’Connell (goal, 2 assists), Ben Schenk (goal, assist), Adrian Pierce (goal, assist), Alex Kurzius (goal, assist) and Ben Schenk (2 assists).

Medomak 4, Oceanside 0

At Waldoboro Sept. 25, the Riverhawks soared past the Mariners.

Addison Mellor, Matthew Holbrook, Will Cheesman and Miguel Atkinson-Tatro scored for the hosts.

“Kayden Johnson, Aiden Sawyer, Sam Scheuzger and Kevin Sincyr all contributed on both sides of the ball,” said Medomak coach Jackson Fortin. “In goal for Medomak were Jaiden Starr and Ryan Jarvis. Finn Parmley, Tyler Leonard, Gavin Clark and Blake Morrison all provided tough defense throughout the whole game.”

Medomak 7, Searsport 0

At Searsport Sept. 20, the Riverhawks blanked the host Vikings.

Leading the Medomak offense were Addison Mellor (2 goals), Will Cheesman (goal), Po Pfirrman (goal), Matt Holbrook (goal), Jake Bickmore (goal) and Gavin Clark (goal).

Jaiden Starr and Ryan Jarvis played in goal for Medomak.

Oceanside 5, Camden-Rockport 0

At Camden Sept. 20, the Mariners sailed past the host Schooners.

Alex Bartlett scored three goals and added an assist for Oceanside, while Brady Wadsworth (goal), Noah Chapin (goal), Hayden Jacques (assist) and Liam Porter (assist) also chipped in on offense for the visitors.

The Mariners held a 27-6 advantage in shots. Isaiah Meklin and Daniel Butler split time in net for Oceanside.

Previous Troy Howard scores also included: Sept. 18, Troy Howard 2, Medomak 0; Sept. 15, Troy Howard 3, Great Salt Bay 2; Sept. 14, Troy Howard 9, Wiscasset 0; and Sept. 11, Camden-Rockport 4, Troy Howard 3.

Oceanside 4, Wiscasset 0

At Wiscasset Sept. 15, the Mariners bested the Warriors via shutout.

Alex Bartlett scored twice in the win for Oceanside, while Isaiah Meklin and Braden Benner scored once and Camden Powell added one assist.

Daniel Butler and Isaiah Benner split time in net for the visitors.

Searsport 6, Camden-Rockport 1

At Searsport Sept. 15, the Vikings rose above the visiting Schooners.

Leading the Viking offense were Gage Ellis (goal), Josh Wright (3 goals, assist), Nate Ashey (2 goals), Eli Law (assist).

Searsport coach Dusty Nadeau said the Viking defense was led "by a smothering back line of Hunter Treat, Dawson Bierwas, Sean Paige and Austin Peavey," while they were supported by "solid goal play from Cole Ellis."

Coed soccer

Lincolnville 5, Islesboro 0

At Islesboro Oct. 2, the Lynx blanked the Eagles. Lincolnville led 3-0 at halftime.

Leading the potent Lincolnville scoring attack were Matt Kremin (3 goals), Jack Fishman (goal) and Roo Boetsch (goal).

Kremin got the scoring started with a pair of goals, while Fishman later creased the net on a penalty kick to wrap the first-half scoring. Kremin cleaned up a rebound in the second half to secure the hat trick, while Boetsch rounded out the scoring late in the contest.

“The score did not at all reflect the quality of the Islesboro booters’ play,” said Lincolnville coach Ben Edes. “They did an excellent job keeping the LCS offense under control for the first 10 minutes of each half and staged a number of challenging threats in the LCS end. In fact, they earned a penalty kick themselves on a push in the box with about 15 seconds left, but Bernier, now playing in goal, robbed them with a nice save that preserved the shutout.”

Camden-Rockport 4, Nobleboro 2

At Nobleboro Oct. 2, the Schooners doubled up the host Lions.

Will Duke scored three goals in the win for Camden-Rockport.

Lincolnville 5, Camden-Rockport 1

At Camden Sept. 27, the Lynx emerged victorious over the Schooners.

Lincolnville coach Ben Edes said the Schooners were “quite skilled and moved the ball very well throughout the game, and the score was more a reflection of the age differential than the skill levels of the players.”

“Were it not for a great two-part sliding save by keeper Griffin Dubrow, the Schooners would have gotten on the board first,” he said. “In addition, the fact that the Schooners held the powerful Lynx offense scoreless for almost 16 minutes is illustrative of their capabilities.”

Leading the Lincolnville offense were Jackson Bernier (2 goals, assist), Matt Kremin (2 goals) and Griffin Dubrow (goal).

Dubrow, Bernier and Cole Freeman played in net for Lincolnville.

Camden-Rockport 2, Jefferson 1

At Camden Sept. 25, the Schooners doubled up the Lions.

Will Duke scored both goals for Camden-Rockport, off assists from Eric Leblonde and Brenna Mackey.

Lincolnville 4, Bristol 3

At Lincolnville Sept. 25, the Lynx booted past the Blue Devils. Lincolnville led 2-1 at halftime.

Jackson Bernier (2 goals, assist), Jack Fishman (goal, assist), Mason Clark (assist) and Matt Kremin (goal) contributed to the Lincolnville offense.

Lynx coach Ben Edes said “the play on both sides was outstanding.”

Lincolnville 5, Appleton 0

At Lincolnville Sept. 20, the Lynx emerged victorious over the Wildcats.

Leading the Lincolnville offense was Jackson Bernier (4 goals), Girffin Dubow (assist), Jack Fishman (assist), Matt Krelin (assist), Emmit Dayhoof (assist) and Jaden Johnson (goal).

Lincolnville coach Ben Edes said Appleton deserved a great deal of credit, playing with only one substitute on the bench.

“Playing a full game on a warm day with almost no substitutes is enough to wear anyone down, and they maintained a high level of effort throughout the game despite that stress,” he said.

“As always, midfielders Kara Andrews and Aiden Aselton provided excellent support for the strong Lynx offense,” said Edes. “In addition, defenders Dayhoof, John Pessara, Lili Clement, and Lincoln Outerbridge did a superb job of blunting Appleton’s offensive thrusts. Finally, keepers Kremin, Dubrow, and Cole Freeman combined to achieve the shutout.”

Lincolnville 4, Vinalhaven 0

At Vinalhaven Sept. 18, the Lynx blanked the host islanders.

Jackson Bernier (2 goals), Kara Andrews (assist), Jackson Fishman (goal, assist) and Griffin Dubrow (goal) each chipped in on offense for Lincolnville.

“Both teams are to be complimented for the fine play and sportsmanship exhibited,” said Lynx coach Ben Edes. “On the defensive end of things, LCS standouts that should be noted included Matt Kremin, who played a fine half at keeper and followed it up with an outstanding performance anchoring the defense at sweeper during the second half. John Pessara showed his usual aggressive style of play at the stopper position, and was nicely supported by wing defenders Lili Clement and Lincoln Outerbridge.”

Courier Publications' sports staff can be reached by email at sports@villagesoup.com or by phone at 594-4401.

Appleton at Lincolnville coed soccer
Lincolnville hosts Appleton on Sept. 20 in middle school coed soccer. (Video by: Mark Haskell and Holly Vanorse Spicer)
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