Burglars, booze and boulders

By Louis Bettcher | Apr 07, 2017

A search through The Camden Herald archives revealed the following on this day:

One year ago, 2016

The state is seeking medical records of a 45-year-old Rockland man shot by a homeowner when he was allegedly caught in the act of stealing. The defendant maintained his innocence by saying he mistakenly entered the apartment because he was intoxicated.

He was shot by a Park Street resident, while attempting to rob the man of prescription medications at an apartment complex. The resident told police he awoke to find another man rifling through his belongings. Just before midnight, the resident said, he noticed a shadow he knew was too big to be his cat, Mittens. He took a revolver from under his pillow, got into his motorized wheelchair, and went to investigate what was happening in his home, according to court documents.

Five years ago, 2012

Around 300 people gathered at the base of Camden Hills Regional High School's 155-foot wind turbine on Saturday, March 31 to pay homage to the students, faculty and community advisers who spent nearly a decade fundraising, planning and helping realize the goal of bringing wind power to the high school.

The Northwind 100 wind turbine generated 3,000 kilowatt-hours of energy during the first week of data collection, which is approximately enough energy to power six households for a month.

The turbine should generate $18,000 worth of energy this year resulting in not only a formidable savings but a drastic reduction in the school's carbon footprint. The $500,000 turbine should more than pay for itself in about 20 years.

10 years ago, 2007

Police have located the man that approached children last week and invited them to pet his puppy outside Georges Valley High School in Thomaston.

Thomaston Police Officer Tim Hoppe said Sgt. Michael Janczura had received information that identified a Thomaston resident as the man that approached Thomaston Grammar School students and asked them if they'd like to pet his German Shepherd puppy outside GVHS on April 3.

Hoppe said the man did actually have a puppy and was attempting to socialize it. He said in hindsight the man realized going to the school was not the best idea. Hoppe said the man was not charged because no crime had been committed, but he was warned to not approach children again.

25 years ago, 1992

Spring is in the air, and the Camden Police have issued a warning to area residents to be on the alert for the annual influx of Gypsies. "The group of Gypsies that has been working our area is behind bars now," said Officer Linda Miller Tuesday, "but it would be naive to assume that people won't be victimized by Gypsies again this year."

Miller said that among the ruses commonly employed by Gypsies are coming to the front door and engaging a householder in conversation while someone else enters from the rear. "Be on the lookout for strange cars in the area on a consistent basis," she said. "And practice crime prevention at home: keep your doors locked."

Articles most likely to be stolen by Gypsies include silverware and other valuable moveables.

50 years ago, 1967

A moss-covered rock weighing about 20 tons fell down the side of Megunticook Mountain onto Route 52 near the Lincolnville town line early Monday morning. There were no witnesses to the fall, and the rock was not discovered blocking one lane of the highway until Herbert Duffell Jr. found it on his way to work at 6:55 a.m.

Measuring about 8 feet on each end and 12 feet across the side, it took until mid-afternoon Monday to remove the rock which was finally blasted by dynamite. The rock fell 100 feet straight down the mountain, having been loosened by the defrosting of the ground under warm temperatures.

75 years ago, 1942

How to keep your friends: Compliment them tactfully, without flattery. People like appreciation and recognition.So make a special effort to find something nice to say about their taste in clothing, their car, their children and their job.

Give them an opportunity to do things for you — ask their opinion about your own problems. Ask them for the recipe of some favorite drink or dish... not that you need it or want it, but to give them an opportunity of being helpful. People like to do things for others... give them this privilege.

100 years ago, 1917

All waste must be stopped. There is no greater waste than the drink curse. No on wants to employ a drunkard, whether a poor devil or a rich cuss. Both the saloon and the drunkard must go.

The good grain that it takes to dope the drunkard's brain can do better service when fed to man and beast. Russia wisely stopped its vodka (whiskey) when the war started. France has stopped the manufacture of intoxicants until the war closes.

The average drunkard consumes more wealth than he produces. Wisdom cries in the streets. Stop the manufacture of the drink dope and so set free the poor unfortunate slave of drink.

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