Budding theologians talk at Knox Community Center

Aug 20, 2014

Rockland — On Friday, Aug. 29, come to Spectrum Generations Knox Community Center, 61 Park St. in Rockland for the center's monthly Conversation Café for non-theologians or budding theologians.

At 10:30 a.m., Ben Cooke, Christian formation director, St. Andrew's Episcopal Church will be whipping up English pancakes and engaging community members in an ecumenical discussion around the topic of What Will Your Legacy Be?

What does "legacy" mean? This is "what someone or something is remembered for, or what they have left behind that is remembered and revered."

Many are so caught up in the here-and-now of the present that we fail to consider our distant future. We may get around to it later in life, after we have lived awhile-wondering what we might be remembered for, or what we will leave behind. Others are born with this innate sense of purpose, this desire to create a lasting legacy for themselves, or perhaps their children. During "What Will Your Legacy Be Month" August 2014, set aside time to reflect on past and present actions and vows are made to make positive changes that will affect future generations.

Come to the Knox Center Aug. 29 ready to discuss, contemplate and pose questions about how your legacy, the environment, the community and spirituality converge in your life, in that of others and the world around you as you enjoy Ben's English pancakes served with maple syrup and fresh fruit.

This is an intergenerational program designed to engage community members and students of all ages. To RSVP, call 596-0339 to ensure there is enough pancakes.


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Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Aug 25, 2014 11:06

Looking forward to participating. Going to be interesting to hear what the interaction around the table about the legacy people will leave.  Most of the best won't be something financial I'll bet. :)
The Spectrum Generations staff does an excellent job despite cutback after cutback.

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