Brad Hooper to perform at Waterworks Restaurant August 11th!

By Waterworks | Jul 24, 2012

ROCKLAND - Balladeer Brad Hooper, a second-generation cousin of Downeast Country and Western legend “Genial Gene” Hooper, from Albany, ME (at the edge of the White Mountain National Forest), will be appearing at the Waterworks, on Saturday, August 11th at 8pm. Hooper, who is coming to town for a much-anticipated family reunion will be performing his “Ballads in Blue” in a debut show following the family gathering.

Hooper has performed professionally at over 25 top-rated venues over the past 24 months as well as the 2011 Portland Weekday Concert Series, Great Falls TV Maine Songwriters present, WMPG Localmotives, and is now working on arrangements for shows in some large metropolitan areas for 2013.
Hooper, who was raised country, cranked-up the rock-n-roll and ended up with the blues, will be bringing all the passion of his music to life on his pivotal performance at the Waterworks.

"I don't see myself as a traditional 'blues man', I don't want to limit myself in any way," quips Hooper, "but I have to admit 'blue' is the way the music seems to come out."

Recently tagged as a blues player, Hooper enjoyed two shows at the 2012 Maine Blues Festival in Naples this year and a recent review in the Portland Phoenix had this to say: “…when Hooper tells us 'if it wasn't for them blues, when I got this low, I'd have nothin' at all,' it spills out of him, like it was forced from within."

Award-winning producer Michael Rizzo of Epic Soul Music (NBC, CBS, ABC, DISNEY, etc.), who produced some of the material on Hooper's second CD Memories & Mileage, said this of his talent:

"In Nashville, I worked with hit singer/songwriters. Brad has the qualities of a first-class songwriter with a classic voice to match! There is a real John Prine-thing going on and people need to hear it."

Hooper describes how, though no intentional planning, his generation of ‘musical pals’ are such a close semblance of the past.

“It’s such a small world,” exclaimed Hooper. “Denny Breau, who is the son of Hal Lonepine just recorded guitar solo work for my upcoming CD and the talented Jewel Clark, daughter of Yodeling Slim Clark actually brought me out of the kitchen and onto the stage. I had always heard stories about my Cousin Gene, but recently, when I learned that their dads and Gene were pretty tight back in the day, I was floored!”
Hooper has obviously lived the blues and incorporates a lot of non-traditional blues numbers in each of his shows. His 2012 Summer Tour of Western Maine is titled 'Ballads in Blue' which is also the name of his third CD now in the recording stage. Hooper passionately tells tales of the trials and tribulations experienced by the hard-living working people. It is clear from reviews that Hooper still believes what he sings and is 'wrung out' by the end of each show.

“I am honored to be part of it all and proud of my roots," he added. "The songs on the upcoming CD are going to be something very special because of all this history."

According to Hooper, he has been working at getting an opportunity to play in the “land of his blood” for years.

"I only wish I could have 'gotten game' sooner so my Uncle Forrest Hooper could have been around to see me perform on stage,” Hooper smiled. “He always encouraged me when others didn't take me seriously and I am dedicating the evening to him; I miss him terribly and it is important I make him proud of me."

Hooper will be performing some of the new material solo at the upcoming show.

Waterworks is located on 7 Lindsey Street in Rockland.

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