Book review, The Chase by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

By MILT GROSS | Apr 27, 2014
Photo by: Milt Gross Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg’s The Chase is the first Evanovich mystery I’ve read in awhile, but it didn’t come across to me as clear a story as her other books I’ve read.

I’ve read most of Janet Evanovich’s mysteries about Stephanie Plum, a New Jersey bounty hunter and found them to be tight writing, to the point, and good mysteries with violent endings. But I didn’t find The Chase, co-authored by Lee Goldberg to be quite as good.

I think what bothered me in this fiction book was the too-complicated plot in the middle of the book, although the violent ending reminded me of Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum tales.

The Chase, published this year, 2014, by Bantam Books concerns more overseas intrigue than I usually read, but the story was exciting.

Heroine-hero team FBI Special Agent Kate O’Hare and con-man Nicholas Fox tackle this tale of stolen art together, weaving from Los Angeles to Europe to rural Kentucky, the plot becomes complicated, risky, daring, and finally explosive as Carter Grove, the bad guy, gets done in at his country estate.

Those who survive, probably live happily after, although the tale ends with a dramatic conclusion, as do all the Evanovich stories I’ve read.

Part of the tale takes place in a jet, and Fox leads the field in drama through sophisticated devices and weapons. Just the right amount of romance between the two keep the reader sitting up, while too much tricky plot is tending to put him to sleep.

I’ve never read anything by Goldberg before, but this book carries all the fast action and blunt talk that Evanovich’s other books contain.

Priced in the hardcover book at $28 and at $17.71 by with $11.47 buying the Kind Edition, I think the price is about right for a brand new hardback book with Evanovich as a co-author. I don’t know Goldberg’s work, but Evanovich’s name drew me to actually buy it from describes Goldberg as an “ex-Navy SEAL, freelance Sexual Surrogate and a professional Pierce Brosnan impersonator,” which explains to me the sophisticated behavior of Fox.

I recommend this as a good high-tension dramatic mystery read with enough action to probably warrant the price.

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