Book review, Memoirs of a Cool Cat by Joy Cool

By MILT GROSS | Apr 20, 2014
Photo by: Milt Gross Memoirs of a Cool Cat, while intended as a general non-fiction entertainment book, came across to me more as a how-top-care-for-your- cat publication.

Memoirs of a Cool Cat, a vanity publication of authorHouse, was okay but no more.

Purporting to be the true story of Lambert the cat, his three kitty cohorts, and a fifth feline that died of an eye disease after surgery, Memoirs of a Cool Cat came across to me as either a how-to book for taking care of cats or simply a true cat story.

Told through the kitty eyes of Lambert, it contains action but also a lot of details about how author Joy Cool cared for a condominium containing her four cats plus the one that died.

I found very few typos or other writing errors, which means either that authorHouse performed the editing services for which the author paid or the author did a good job at editing her own manuscript.

The story relates apparently all that happened during the period of the writing, including health problems of the author and the effect they had on her kitty family. I won’t attempt to describe all the cat-family incidents, only to say it didn’t come across to me as a story itself. No plot, no happy or sad endings, nothing that makes up a readable story.

Nor did I find it to be a complete manuscript covering care of the cat, as it dealt only with the problems Cool faced as a cat owner.

A negative for me was the inclusion of too many photos, not of good quality, although most were clear enough to see the kitty subjects. I just think that too many pictures a poor story makes.

The author’s biography tells how Cool has always loved animals with cats and dogs being her favorite. It also says that she has volunteered at animal shelters, a good background for writing about cats. The biography says about her condo, “She has turned her own home into a feline paradise, with lofts and beams and kitty gym equipment, a screened-in balcony, a special diet and piano recitals.” That description pretty much covers much of the book itself.

No price is listed in this 2007 book, but lists it as $12.14 for the paperback and $9.99 for the Kindle Edition.

I’d call this a good book to read if you’re a cat lover or the house-slave of a kitty or several. But I wouldn’t label it as a “must read.”

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