Book Review, Botswana, Egypt, and Great Bear Rainforest by Patti Wheeler and Keith Hemstreet

By MILT GROSS | Feb 16, 2014
Photo by: Milt Gross The juvenile set, Botswana, Egypt, and Great Bear Rainforest are great reading, even if you’re not a juvenile.

This trio of juvenile books makes great reading, and they are educational. I learned things about Africa, Egypt, and the wilds of Canada that I just had never read or heard elsewhere.

The two authors based these on actual travels with Gannon and Wyatt being the fictional heroes of the fictional versions. The stories are told in what I surmise to be about eighth-grade language, so are readable by youth from about that reading level through adults.

Similar to the old Hardy boys, but with totally different characters and stories, the three take you to the three locations in a dramatic, but educational, way. The large African game comes right up to the vehicle in which the two boys and their hosts are riding. In Egypt you venture below ground into an ancient burial tomb, which made me nervous as I don’t like closed in places, and on Canada you get to meet not only large game animals but learn about problems in conserving the wilderness.

Those are the highlights of the three tales, which somewhere in one of the books is stated that they are the beginning of this series. Good, hope the rest are as good because I get tired of books that are not good.

The three are well written, which says a lot for both the writers and the editors at Greenleaf Book Group Press, which published the three this year on acid-free paper. This traditional publisher, which means it doesn’t publish your book because you pay them to do so, “specializes in the development of independent authors and the growth of small presses.”

I like that, and they did a good job editing and publishing these three juveniles in hardback with good, active pictures on the cover.

The two boy-heroes are brothers, one is more technical and writes that way to provide you with needed details, and the other is more adventuresome and writes about what they did. Different from the Hardy Boys and with parents who are both professionals.

So, while similar to the Hardy Boys, different from the Hardy Boys.

If you like adventure and the feeling of being chased by a bear or bad guy, being looked at by a wounded lioness, or experiencing a cave-in while your underground looking for an Egyptian tomb, these books are for you. And you can have all these adventures from your easy chair.

They are priced on the cover at $12.95 each. prices them $10.72 in hardcover and $8.77 Kindle.

A lot of adventure and education for that price.

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