Black Horse Inn to open under new ownership

By Dwight Collins | Apr 27, 2013
Photo by: Dwight Collins The Black Horse Inn is under new ownership and is set to open May 1.

Lincolnville — After standing vacant for two years, The Black Horse Inn located on Atlantic Highway in Lincolnville is under new ownership and targeted to reopen May 1.

New Jersey native Francesca Gangitano bought the 21 unit, 4,500-square-foot building in October 2012 and plans to return it to what it was originally meant to be — an Inn.

Built in 1993 as an inn and situated on eight acres about halfway between Camden and Belfast, The Black Horse Inn most recently was an assisted living facility.

Gangitano said she has been in the hospitality business for decades and when the opportunity to purchase the property came about, she figured that she would take a chance.

“I owned a hotel in south Jersey for years and I had a girlfriend of mine — she and her husband are doctors and they own a house here in Maine — They were always talking about how great it was here and how beautiful, so one day while I was waiting for an acupuncture appointment, I saw some places for sale in the real estate section of a magazine,” she said.

A realtor friend started showing Gangitano listings for hotels in the area and she eventually settled on The Black Horse Inn.

“I tried to purchase The Glenmore up the road about two years ago, but we couldn’t agree on a price. After that, this place came available so here I am,” she said.

Still racing to meet her goal of being open by May 1, Gangitano plans to have basic lodging available and as time goes on, she hopes to add a full-service restaurant serving Italian cuisine and possibly a martini bar. The inn already includes a cafe area, lobby, bar and swimming pool that provide guests with inviting areas to relax.

After purchasing the property, Gangitano had the daunting task of cleaning and making repairs to the building due to its being empty for an extended period of time.

“There has been a lot of work done cleaning and repairing leaks, but there is still more to do,” she said. “It is definitely a work in progress and as the season moves along, things will be closer to the way I want it.”

No major renovations are planned for the building in the near future, just improvements to what is already there, Gangitano said.

“I need to get it up and running as an inn, everything else is secondary at this point,” she said. “Once I do that, the restaurant and the other things will follow.”

For more information or to make reservations call 236-6800 or toll free 855-236-2600. Reservations also can be made online at

Camden Herald reporter Dwight Collins can be reached at 236-8511 or

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Posted by: ANN MILLS | Apr 29, 2013 12:04

Welcome to Lincolnville! Leo and I wish you all the success in the world and plan to visit o\your restaurant and martini bar when you get all settled in. Good luck!

Posted by: Karen Moore | Apr 29, 2013 07:26

Congratulations!! Glad to see it will be up and running again. My husband and I had a beautiful wedding there.


Posted by: Cindy Catalano | Apr 28, 2013 14:03

Congratulations to the new owner.  My husband and I always liked it there.

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