Beth Heidemann comes to the legislature to receive a sentiment honoring her Presidential teaching award!

By Elizabeth Dickerson | Feb 27, 2014
Elizabeth Heidemann, Cushing School Kindergarden Teacher and Recipient of a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Math Teaching, with Rep. Elizabeth Dickerson, District #47, Rockland and part of Owl's Head

Augusta, Maine — When I'm not legislating, I'm teaching computer science at Oceanside High School. Being a high school teacher, eventually, I get the students that came up through the ranks, and that's why I am so happy that we have such wonderful and dedicated staff members in our school district. Like Beth Heidemann, a 21 year veteran kindergarden teacher at the Cushing School. Evidently, other people besides her colleagues have been noticing what a great teacher she is, because this year, she's been selected to receive a Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Math Teaching.

Beth heads out to Washington DC on Sunday to accept her award, so, we had her up to the legislature today to receive what we call a "sentiment"- a decree proclaiming our appreciation of accomplishment. Here's what the sentiment says:

ITEM (5-6)  Beth Heidemann, of Rockland, who is a recipient of a Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.  Ms. Heidemann is one of 102 teachers nationwide to receive this award.  She graduated from the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, where she earned a degree in human ecology.  Ms. Heidemann has taught kindergarten students for 21 years at the Cushing Community School and focuses on hands-on learning techniques.  The Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching winners are selected by a panel of scientists, mathematicians and educators following an initial selection process at the state level.  The winners receive a $10,000 award from the National Science Foundation and are invited to Washington, D.C.  We extend our appreciation to Ms. Heidemann for her commitment to the youth of the State and congratulate her on her winning this award;

(HLS 742)

Presented by Representative DICKERSON of Rockland.

Cosponsored by Senator MAZUREK of Knox, Representative KRUGER of Thomaston, Representative EVANGELOS of Friendship.

Congratulations, Beth!

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