Batty for bats: Audubon series starts Sept. 21

Sep 08, 2017

Camden — “Bat Exceptionalism: Prepare to Be in Awe of Bats” presented by Annie Kassler marks the start of the Midcoast Maine Audubon fall 2017 speaker series at Camden Public Library Thursday, Sept. 21, at 7 p.m. The series will continue on third Thursdays throughout the winter.

Bats not only make vast ecological contributions to the health of the planet; their remarkable abilities and unique physiology may help unlock an assortment of medical mysteries that might one day benefit humans. From astounding skills to highly evolved systems to superior immunity, bats set the high bar and may hold the key to advancements in the study of cancer, aging, and disease.

Kassler, of Maine Bat Education, is a speaker with Bat Conservation International and recipient of the 2017 Award of Recognition from the Maine Chapter of the Wildlife Society for her work in bat education.

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