AVS hosts veterans

By Jenny Roberts | Nov 13, 2012
Courtesy of: Jenny Roberts The panel photo are, from left, veterans Rob Pfeiffer, Aldeverd Robbins, Robie Robbins, Thomas White and Marvyn Mank.  The students behind them are, from left,  Morgan Ford, Ethan Ford, Vivian Robinson-Fisher, Abby Harrison and Ian Sullivan.

Appleton — On Monday, Nov. 5, Appleton Village School students hosted 20 veterans and
spouses for a morning program honoring the veterans and an opportunity for the veterans to spend quality time together with the middle school students.

The sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students began the morning by interviewing the veterans in small groups — one veteran per three students. The conversations began as prepared questions but often segued into more personal stories.

After the interviews the students gathered together to prepare introductions. This gave the guests time to mingle, have coffee and homemade muffins.

During the second part of the program the veterans sat in a panel format in front of the entire middle school (56 students). The students who interviewed them, then introduced each veteran to the entire group. Following the introductions, the veterans were given the
opportunity to answer prepared questions by student facilitators. Depending upon the
question, the veteran could answer or choose to pass or talk about another topic. The
beauty of this format was that the veterans were given the opportunity to share their
stories to a captive audience. The history and lessons learned were far more valuable
than any lesson they could read in a textbook.

Any veteran who wished to continue sharing stories was invited to join the eighth-grade World History class in the afternoon.

Following the panel discussion, a specially prepared lunch was served to the guests in
the cafeteria with entertainment provided by the first through fourth-grade students
singing patriotic tunes.

Every year it is an honor to host the veterans and spouses at Appleton Village School. We are so grateful for the service they have all provided and the gift of sharing their experiences with our students.

Jenny Roberts is a school counselor at Appleton Village School.

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