Authorship Matters According to Google

By Shannon Kinney | Dec 28, 2012

Like you don’t have enough to consider when posting the “right” content to your blog, Facebook or Twitter pages, or your own company website? Now Google has patented another algorithm to throw off your SEO. Introducing: AuthorRank. If you’re already on the Google+ bandwagon and engaging with your fellow circlers, you’ve tackled half the battle. AuthorRank takes information directly from this network (as well as others) and utilizes it to determine search results. A key factor that affects your numbers is authorship. AuthorRank is just as interested in what you post as who posts it. Be sure to know your blogger’s reputation and what his authority is like on the cyber network. Details like these reveal important information for calculating AuthorRank and may significantly affect your search rank.

What are the specific factors?

Due to factors like number of circlers and level of engagement on Google and non-Google social networks, it’s easy to recognize that the more authoritative and popular the writer, the higher the chance the content will pop up in search results. Not only must this writer be known among his industry competitors, but also, more importantly, he must be known online in the world of social networks, particularly Google+. To determine a blogger’s authority, consider questions like: How often does he post? Are his circlers sharing or commenting on his content? Is he utilizing tools on Google+ to advance his reputation and status in his industry? Who else publishes his content? Once these results are boosted, then, if he writes for you, he must publish it and make it known throughout the web for Google to trace his authority and connections to your company. Sound complicated? Not really, if you’ve been using social media to your advantage. Post relevant content, make it engaging, share often, follow other industry thought leaders. The typical tools you would use to promote your company are exactly the same ones used on Google+; all that’s added is who writes it and if that information is public knowledge and reliable in the worldwide web portion of your industry.

This algorithm, in all its potentially frustrating detail-factored glory, makes sense. People want to read information written by knowledgeable people on trustworthy sites. Begin using Google Authorship, if you haven’t already. This tool attaches faces with names and authors for your sites’ creators and writers. This simple step makes content more approachable and trustworthy, not to mention, its contribution in boosting your AR in the process. Reach out to guest bloggers with noteworthy reputations who will promote your site and their work through you. Companies will soon start searching for employees who have established their online authority within the industry before hiring them to do work for them. Nobodies in this technological age can actually burden the success of social media marketing. Authorship becomes empowering but frightening to those who haven’t built up their own foundations.

Essentially, it all comes back to that basic fact of business/agent success: it’s who you know in this world that can make the difference. Utilize your connections, foster new ones, and become an authority online.

Find out particular steps you can take to increase your AR here.

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