Athletes Wanted! Team Thorfinn Outdoor Training Winter Schedule

Are you an active person who enjoys camaraderie and fresh air in your lungs? Team Thorfinn’s Adventure Sports Program is looking for more athletes to train with. Our schedule through January is as follows (we adapt our Saturday Session to make room for racing):

Wednesday Evening Speed Work 5:30-7:00 (running)

Currently we are meeting at the Camden Hills Track and doing speed work, core exercises, and dynamic stretching. Former All-American Collegiate runner Maria Millard supervises these sessions and provides some coaching. Occasionally we head into Camden to a watering hole to replenish.

Saturday Morning Multi-Sport Training

We meet at the Thorfinn Expeditions’ Shop in Lincolnville Beach for 3 plus hours of exercise. Sessions start with a 6-9 mile run then we do circuit training in the Thorfinn Lab before hitting the water for paddling (SUP/Kayaking). The paddle time is for experienced paddlers who have the necessary cold weather equipment/skills. You can join us for any portion of the morning that appeals to you. We will mix it up depending on the weather. Some training options are: running up Point Lookout, a loop through Tanglewood, intervals on our rowing machine, paddling to the Ducktrap River and back. After training we can enjoy some coffee and breakfast sandwiches from The Beach Store or Dots.

More About Team Thorfinn:

Team Thorfinn

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Get Out. Go Wild!

Team Thorfinn is a Midcoast Maine adventure program that provides members with the opportunity to train, race, and connect. We strive to improve our fitness, technical skills, and to share camaraderie through exertion in the outdoors. Team Thorfinn is both an inclusive community training program and a competitive team.


Thorfinn Expeditions’ racing team is looking for athletes to participate in outdoor races and events in many disciplines: road and trail running, paddle boarding, mountain biking, skiing, surf ski and sailing. Team Thorfinn welcomes everyone. Thorfinn will host regular workouts for team members, offer coaching, nutrition advice, and the inside scoop on events local and around New England. Outdoor sport training sessions will be held regularly in Rockland, Camden, Lincolnville Beach (Thorfinn Basecamp) and surrounding areas. Experienced members will lead sessions on adventure sports and other topics such as basic wilderness medicine, gear selection, and navigation—by land and by sea.

The goal for winter 2011-2012 is to establish and inspire locals who want to improve their fitness, learn outdoor skills and prepare for the summer season—whether it’s racing or general conditioning. Even if you’re not interested in competition, come train with Team Thorfinn. Enjoy the rush of cold air through your lungs, cardiovascular power, and post-training social sessions!

Winter trainings are informal, flexible and designed around members' goals and schedules. Sessions are outside of Thorfinn Expeditions' commercial programming and are at no cost. All are Welcome! Participants can jump in at any point during the season.

Long term goals include developing a dedicated adventure racing team willing to take on long, tough multi-day races and organizing athletes to compete in various races all over New England... and beyond. Through Team Thorfinn we can all become inspired, stronger, and more connected to like-minded, active people.

Our session schedule will be posted on the Thorfinn Facebook Page, so "like" our page and join us as we blast through winter!



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