Astrology, what the planets are doing right now and the Sun in Aquarius right now...inspiring a new democracy in Egypt! ... written by Ananur

By ananur forma | Feb 05, 2011
Courtesy of: Georgianne Davis


        Friday, February 4 Mercury will be entering into Aquarius, encouraging the innovative genius within you to activate, now!  Mercury remains in Aquarius until February 21. The Sun and Mars are nicely aspecting Saturn which could be a very productive time for you. This aspect is with us until Sunday night. Do not be concerned with the rumors about a new zodiacal sign. It’s not going to be implemented by any Astrologer that I know. The reason is because we already know about it and have taken it into consideration. Do not be alarmed if you were born a Scorpio, you still are. It seems to me that the scientific people who do not believe in astrology (have they ever had a chart reading I wonder?) are always happy to find a new slant on discrediting the accuracy of Astrology. In order to really be scientific about formulating an opinion the scientific critics ought to have a chart reading done by a professional Astrologer and then decide what they think about it.

        Saturday. February 5 Venus is now in Capricorn, as of yesterday. You’re looking to see who is trustworthy, in order to establish an on-going relationship based on mutual respect. (Sounds like the issue in Egypt with all of us watching all over the world!) The relationship being tested, might be a friendship, romance, or a working relationship. Capricorn individuals like to take their time getting to know someone before opening up and sharing. This is one of those times…for all of us. Venus remains in Capricorn until March 1. Venus is harshly aspecting Jupiter which could easily wreck havoc with your diet. Mercury is nicely aspecting Jupiter bringing out humor and clever ideas. I hope Egypt creates a governance that is an example for all countries to look upon with respect and awe, That's my hope and vision. Aquariuan energy is always looking for the ideal for humanity i nthe future, and the future is NOW.

        Sunday, February 6 the Sun and Mars are aspecting Saturn setting off the motivational energies gifted to us on February 2 (New Moon).  Lots of energy to work hard and be productive, even though it's Sunday. You're mor organized and wishing your were this patient and organzed every day. Thank Saturn and Mars! Thank your "lucky" stars, as they say. Who is "they"... anyway ?"  Working to launch your project during these 2 days is highly recommended. The Moon in Aries is cozying up to Jupiter offering its monthly vision of bright loveliness, tonight. This aspect has an inspiring effect on our emotions. It always brings blessings. Let's ee it if does for Egypt. I think it will...........tomorrow.

        Monday, February 7 Venus is aspecting the Sun, Mars and Jupiter. This is a “don’t take anything seriously day.” Be spontaneous. Enjoy. Mars is aspecting Jupiter giving you plenty of energy to accomplish your goals. Venus and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn both aspecting Jupiter. Dealing with overeating as an addiction is what needs to happen, now, and for the next 3 days. Says who? Pluto…Controlling addictive behavoir "seems" to be impossible ... right now. Know you can do it if you ask someone in a 12 step program to help you or your own Divine Self, High Self, God, Christ, Buddha, Mother Mary, or a dear friend, grandmother, the Ascended Masters or whomever is your guide, to help you. It will work.

        Tuesday, February 8 the Sun is in an awkward aspect with Jupiter which is quite energizing and playful, but neglectful of details required accomplishing something meaningful. It’s a risk taking; gambling kind of aspect, when your confidence is super high yet your expectations will not pan out. Venus is conjunct Pluto until Thursday night. Sexual energy is increased. Mercury is nicely aspecting Pluto. You’re making the time to do research. Mars is awkwardly aspecting Jupiter finding you rushing around in too many directions at once.

        Wednesday, February 9 Venus is conjunct (close to) Pluto in Capricorn. You’re not satisfied with superficial relations. You’re looking for depth and authenticity. You’re clear on what really matters to you. Venus and Pluto are in a challenging aspect with the Sun, until tomorrow night. Jealousy could cause an upset in your romance. You can’t manipulate your partner. He (or she) will end up resenting you. It's so true.

        Thursday, February 10 the Sun is in a challenging aspect with Venus and Pluto turning relationships upside down… if power is an issue. I say it's time for dictatorships to end whether it's representedin a family or a country or a city council. I vote for equality. My new bumper sticker could be:  "The people are intelligent, democracy for all, or some slight variation which suits the people, not the pockets of the politicians." This aspect is with us until tonight.I might be ranitng and raving about dictatorships then too. Just thinking about it, now, gets me all worked up.  Being a Libra by Sun sign, I'm all for equality and efficiency. The Moon will be  in a challenging aspect with Saturn from 2:10-4:10 p.m. igniting fearful thoughts. Try to implement positive thoughts. These thoughts go through the mind  like a stream through the forest, it touches all of us. You are not alone. We each find ways of discarding what brings us down. I say, ya gotta fell it to heal it. But of course that's not for every little thing every minute of the day! From 9:15-11:15 p.m. you’re probably feeling all tired out with absolutley no patience. This is not a good time for an important discussion about finances. Go to sleep early and let yourself relax ,and forget about the tax. Some say it's illegal anyway.


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