Astrology, talking about what the planets are up to (pun intended) November 20-30, 2012. Full Moon lunar eclipse coming: 11-28

By ananur forma | Nov 24, 2012

November 20-23 Mars is harshly aspecting Uranus a time to be aware of as it ignites impatience, anger, rash decisions and violence. It seems to be consistently associated with accidents. (This has been proven true over and over again especially this year) From 1:30-3:30 a.m. (on Friday, November 23) the Moon will be conjunct Uranus which makes it even more intense. Good thing it’s at this time not in the middle of the day. Too bad the icy roads have been the cause of a couple of accidents in Hope.

November 21 the Sun will be entering Sagittarius at 4:51 p.m. and remain here until solstice, December 21. While the Sun is in Sagittarius we’re feeling more upbeat and focused on adventure and philosophical theories. We’re able to let go of negative thought forms more easily. Venus will enter Scorpio remaining here until December 15, 2012. The emotions, connected to the need for affection and intimacy are smoldering…

November 22 Mercury is harshly aspecting both Mars and Uranus which also represents impatience. Hopefully you won't eat too fast.

November 22-24 Mars is nicely aspecting Saturn. The issues that were causing you to recognize and feel the anger inside you are getting resolved. This aspect is always good for organizing your thoughts and planning ahead. You have lots more patience now.

November 24-26 is a fine time for trusting your intuitive intelligence completely without any interference from your logical mind. Act on intuition. Be obedient. You won’t regret it. The Sun is in a positive aspect with Uranus. Venus is conjunct Saturn in Scorpio destined to teach you lessons about relating. Don’t hide out and avoid issues. Now is the time to correct karma from “the past.”

November 25 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Uranus, you might be feeling unappreciated. Then... along comes someone who says something that reinforces your feelings about yourself and you get angry at them! This is something you needed to occur in order to feel upset which is necessary in order to get you to do something to heal. However, the point is that you were feeling this way before which may have psychically attracted this certain person to come along and say what they said. Of course it's not comfortable and often humiliating. The manifestation of your innermost feelings occurs so that you can deal with it and hopefully heal and clear it so that you won't need to attract that again. The Soul wants to be free. The Soul will attract uncomfortable circumstances in order to get your attention ... so that you can clear those undermining feelings and thought forms. Then when healing comes your Soul can be free! Hope that makes sense to you, could be too many words here?

November 25-27 Mars is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Issues surrounding control and authority could cause you to feel uncomfortable. You can do something that you feel proud of. Capricorn energy points to the need to feel respected.

November 26 Mercury will turn direct at 5:50 p.m.

November 27 the Sun is in a favorable aspect with Saturn ushering in patience and inner calm.

November 26-28 Venus is in a positive aspect with Pluto convincing you to contact an old lover and make things right.


November 27-29 Venus in Scorpio is nicely aspecting Mars in Capricorn. Sexual energy is increased and it’s a fine time to begin a new relationship where both individuals take responsibility for their own issues with the understanding that there will be no “blaming and shaming,” in this new relationship.


November 28 the Full Moon takes place at 9:44 a.m. with the Moon in Gemini (close to Jupiter) and the Sun in Sagittarius. This Full Moon is loaded with potentials for realizations that bring about inner peace and a more expansive outlook on life’s possibilities. Tonight if the sky is clear you should be able to view the Moon and Jupiter together, such a bright celestial sight.


November 30- December 1 Venus is going to be awkwardly aspecting Jupiter which is known to increase the temptation to indulge in compulsive addictive behaviors. Mars will also be aspecting Jupiter finding you spread out and tired because you have too many projects going on.




Ananur Forma resides on the rocky coast of Maine. You can reach Ananur for a personal chart reading 207-594-2565. Ananur began studying Astrology with Isabel Hickey early 70’s and intends to keep up with it, “forever.”

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