Astrology planets activated thanks to New Moon April 15. No more Mercury retrograde, until July.

By ananur forma | Apr 16, 2018

April 3-21 Jupiter in Scorpio is in a positive aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Here’s an aspect that could bring back integrity! I’m all for “that.” Lies and deception are exposed. Truth is revealed. Honesty wins. There are spiritual forces increasing awareness of what truth is, disputing it will make a certain person (our President) look worse. James Comey on TV last night - Mercury had turned direct in the morning and the New Moon took place at 9:57 p.m. the TV interview came on at 10 p.m. I saw him as sincere and reflecting the aspect of "Honesty" that Jupiter and Pluto are displaying for us, at this time. Interesting that he did not see "impeachment" as a good choice. I wish for it all the time, however, I think it is too costly on us the tax  payers! I wish we could simply go back to the polls next week (!!!) and vote Trump out of the Oval Office. Have any of you read Comey's book, yet? I found Trump's reaction to Comey's interview, as "mob like" and very crude, and defensive typical of Trump to call Comey a "slimeball." Such language is shocking to me. In my life if someone is innocent they are non-reactive because they know they are innocent so no need to defend or get upset, would simply say

" That's not accurate." period.


April 15 at 5:21 a.m. Mercury turns direct! Sometimes it takes 2-3 days to unwind the energies from Mercury having been retrograde. I still have some issues with my car. No more frustration with feeling held back and frustrated with the pace. Forward momentum has once again returned. Mercury will be turning retrograde again in about 3 months: from July 26-August 19. It’s good to know this ahead of time so that you can make plans for travel which are before or after these dates.



April 15 New Moon cycle begins at 9:57 p.m. with the Sun and Moon located at 26 degrees of Aries close to where Uranus is now at 28 degrees of Aries. Because of Uranus’ closeness to the exact point of the New Moon, you could say we’re in for a month of sudden shocks and surprises. Be ready to respond rather than react to circumstances which come about when you're least expecting anything to occur. This is the time to act fast, and listen closely to your intuition. How can you tell if it is being impulsive, or truly an inspiration from your Higher Guidance...called intuition? Does it bring with it a joyful feeling from deep within you? Do you feel energized and “certain?” Did the idea spring forth out of nowhere, meaning no thought beforehand? Trust intuition. Be willing to take chances and be sure that it won’t put you in financial strain, and/or emotional stress. Be sensible, yet active



April 15-17 Venus in Taurus is opposite Jupiter in Scorpio which is still retrograde (until July10, 2018 ) denotes a time when you (and I) tend to splurge and eat & drink whatever, and spend probably more than intended, and there’s playful fun.




April 15-18 The Sun is conjunct Uranus, igniting energy set forth on the New Moon a few days ago. Anything can happen. I think the “Mickey Mouse Club,” had “An anything can happen day.” A day full of surprises and the only trick is…to respond or react? Once again we’re all reminded to pay attention to intuition.


April 17 – September 6 Saturn is now retrograde along with Jupiter which turned retrograde March 9th. With these 2 retrograde it’s not good for the stock market of world finances in general. This would NOT be the time to start a new business. Wait for these 2 to be “direct.” Jupiter turns direct July 10. Saturn turns direct September 6. it’s worth the wait if you are planning to start a business that you don’t want to fail. I know, some people create businesses intentionally to fail for, “a tax write off.” I think that is how our present (what a gift?) president has done business for years. I think I told you about a friend of mine, who invested $500,000. in one of our president’s businesses years ago. He even went to Atlantic City for a conference about it, only to informed legally, later that Trump claimed bankruptcy on that projected business. My friend lost all that money. He could not afford to lose it. In fact, now he’s almost broke. He should’ve consulted an Astrologer, rather than his attorney who suggested he invest.




April -19   The Sun enters Taurus at 11:13 p.m. until May 20, suggests a time of concern with finances and security. Planning and preparing seeds for herbs, edible flowers, and veggies enters our minds. Being concerned with eating organically brings peace of mind. Having real food, which has not been tampered with, increases the health of the immune system, which we need to fight off pollutants in the atmosphere. We’re more in tune with Nature and “Her” attributes.

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