ASTROLOGY May 1-10  Mercury will turn direct on May 3 at 12:33 p.m. Full Moon takes place May 10 called Wesak festival.

By ananur forma | May 01, 2017

May 2017 calculated for the east coast


Mercury has been retrograde since April 9, and will turn direct on May 3 at 12:33 p.m. I’m having my timing belt replaced. Not into taking any chances. I love my Honda. My car has 168,000 miles. I bought it with 100,000 miles, so I guess it’s time for a timing belt. Maybe I’ve been pain ole “lucky.” So far computer is ok, what about you? Just got my car back, “my mechanic’ said, “the timing belt was worn, not too bad, it’s good that you got it changed, and didn’t wait any longer.” Being a Honda it could run "forever,"  now.



May 1-7 & again November 22 – December 2, 2017 Saturn is located at the point of what is known as “the Galactic Center,” of the Milky Way, in which we live. Saturn began to be positioned at 27 degrees Sagittarius on March 6. This is a big concern with Trump as our President. It’s time to make global friends. Taken from the internet dictionary- “Loose cannon- an unpredictable or uncontrolled person who is likely to cause unintentional damage.” Creating karma, or overcoming past karma with good deeds, is what is being asked of us. I suspect that we are not the only living creatures in the Milky Way.



May 1-3 the Sun, in Taurus is in a fine aspect to Neptune in Pisces. I guess I just can’t get over it, that Neptune is in Pisces! Neptune is the ruling planet of Pisces and is so well placed here. Maybe that’s why so many spiritual paths that lead to the One are wide open, and there are so many of us waking up spiritually. There are more and more alternative healing pathways. In fact, I just heard about Greg Baer in Rome, Georgia who teaches “Real Love,” workshops/retreats. One of his trained healers told me that “he heals people’s emotional wounds just by holding and hugging them with unconditional Love!” I love hearing this! Also this aspect with the Sun in Taurus says to me… that the voice is offering healing, too. Music, toning, and chanting sacred mantras can bring about healing. The mystics have always known and practiced this.



May 3-31 & again from November 1-20, 2017 Saturn 27 degrees of Sagittarius is in a positive aspect with Uranus at 25 degrees of Aries, bringing  new innovations, such as “Free energy,” as designed by our “friend” Nikola Tesla.  Maybe the time is now, could be with this aspect. It also fits with Dr. Steven Greer’s film project being presented in California and globally which exposes all the information already known by "the powers that be," who are holding back information for us all having "free energy." we don't really need coal or oil, not even hydro or solar power if we all had free energy. I hope this happens, soon. If you don't know about this google:  "Nikola Tesla,"  or "free energy" or  "Dr. Steven Greer,"  and his new film "Unacknowledged." I've asked the Strand to present it.They have not responded.



May 7-9 hold on…there is good news! The Sun in Taurus is in a super fine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, a sure thing for transforming what is an outdated way of living. This aspect is empowering, and offers insight and clarity to move forward out of past mistakes and manifest something new which will have a positive affect on all of humanity. Also during this time, Mercury now direct, will be conjunct Uranus (again) as it was April 26-28. Intuition is increased. Originality and creativity converge and bring about ingenious ideas to be manifested in the present or at least be written down for future use.



May 9-11 Mars in Gemini is in an awkward aspect with Neptune in Pisces. Those who suffer from addiction will have a challenging time with this aspect. This aspect opens up possibilities for an entity take over. It is a greater problem than most recognize. Those who pass away while still addicted, will search and find a host – someone with a similar addiction - probably a friend, or family member. This is why it is so incredibly hard to break free from addiction. The goal of the entity is to “get high.” This explains why someone is, “not themself” while intoxicated. It also explains why good ole will power does not work. I’m sure that some of you know what I’m talking about. Say prayers for your loved ones who have the addiction illness, to have their Higher Self help them, to get help.

Also at this time, Mercury is in a fine aspect to Saturn, ushering in the potential for focusing attention. Writing, studying, and doing research, all require greater concentration, and this aspect will bring it on.




May 10-12 Mars in Gemini is in a positive aspect to Jupiter in Libra. I’ve seen this aspect come up in individual’s charts and then they move! I’ve also known it to coincide with giving birth. So, this aspect brings with it, tremendous energy to organize, plan, and make things happen. It’s fun to do big projects together, and with Libra and Gemini represented here, you’ll bet there will be plenty of laughter, telling stories and fun events taking place. Try not to get too scattered by doing too much. The Sun is in Taurus, reminding us all to get rest, and maintain peace of mind, rather than running around doing too much.



May 10 is the Full Moon ( 5:42 p.m.) known as “the Wesak Festival,” which means it’s the Buddha Full Moon for this year. It is said that Buddha shines His Light on Earth to help those who are ready to find Enlightenment, within, and in everyone and everything. What I’ve noticed over the years is that this energy is often too much and can find people out of balance and overly emotional with old issues coming up for transforming before they are really ready. It may get a little crazy here on planet Earth. The Moon is at 20 degrees of Scorpio and the Sun is at 20 degrees of Taurus. Here’s what I found on the internet at Lucis Trust: “Wesak marks the high point of the spiritual year when forces of Enlightenment associated with the Buddha pour onto the planet. The Wesak Festival is generally known as the Festival of the Buddha. In a legend, full of imagery, He is said to make an annual appearance in a secluded valley somewhere in the Himalayas at the exact time of the Full Moon of Taurus, each year. He appears for a brief period and enacts a water ceremony before His great Brother, the Christ, and an assembly of adepts and disciples. The potency of the Buddha’s Divine Presence is such, that it cannot be endured for long by the assembled group. The moment of His approach is characterized by great Silence, and said to be brimming with vitality and significance. The Buddha’s blessing, stepped down by Christ, is radiated throughout the gathering and into our world.” The false value of materialism can now be released. True value, and purpose of transformation into an Enlightened brother/sister- bringer of Love to all, is now what is possible with the help of Buddha and Christ, at this time of offering… to all.




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