Astrology for the New Year, January 5 is a partial solar eclipse New Moon, 8:28 p.m.

Dec 31, 2018

January 2019 calculated/interpreted for the East Coast, by Ananur Forma

January 1 – 2 The Sun and Saturn are conjunct in Capricorn and are in a favorable aspect to Jupiter. This shows potential for an economical rise this year. I say that because this aspect is taking place when mass consciousness is focused on the thought form that “this is the beginning of the year.” January first launches the energy for the year ahead. It will take effort and focus to manifest your goals. I hope that the Democrats and Republicans can find common ground to help secure us financially. As I write this, the Dow just dropped 400 points. When the Sun and Saturn are close together like this there is a demand for discipline. Because Jupiter is involved there’s hope. however, the “favorable” 60 degree (sextile) aspect is not a strong one, and it’s based on us taking action. We all need to focus more on being thrifty and at the same time help those in need.

January 1 - 3 Mercury in Sagittarius is in a positive aspect to Uranus, which is still in Aries, but not for long. Uranus moves into Taurus (for 8 years) on March 6. Mercury and Uranus, now in a positive aspect, increase intuition. Flashes of genius come. Inventions that have been held back for too long will be made public. We’re moving in the direction of solar collectors, and many more alternative energy devices. Conversations will stimulate even more ideas and insights. The Sun is in a fine aspect to Neptune in Pisces, ushering in high spiritual blessings for all. However, this is a 60 degree aspect called a “sextile.” It offers opportunities to be taken advantage of. You could miss out if you’re not paying attention. Natural healing energy is available, if you seek it out. This is a perfect time to receive massage, homeopathic remedies, flower remedies, tapping (EFT) reflexology, prayer, color or music therapy and other treatments that are not pharmaceutical. I’m still juicing 16 oz. of celery most mornings. It has helped my digestion. Have you read any of Anthony William’s books yet, or googled him on YouTube? His books come from Spiritual Guidance. He is ahead of the times.

January 1 - 4 Venus is awkwardly aspecting Uranus, indicating that relationships need to be redefined. A new romance that starts up now would probably not last very long.

January 4 – 24 Mercury is now in Capricorn and is seeking to get your attention to think carefully and methodically before making any decisions.  Mercury in Capricorn loves to do research and explore and learn before signing up for something. This is a year when scams are prolific. Humor is dry and clever with this position of Mercury. This is the time for taking classes at adult ed.

January 5  The New Moon at 15 degrees of Capricorn takes place at 8:28 p.m. The Sun and Moon are in a sextile aspect to Neptune at 14 degrees of Pisces. This brings about options for self-healing and prayers for world harmony. As we see on the news, the jet stream carries the weather across the world. That’s more proof that we are all connected. If one country is still polluting, then other countries are impacted. That’s a fact. Watch out for scams. Be super careful this month. Also be careful how you say what you say. Pluto is pretty close to being conjunct the New Moon. Pluto is at 20 degrees of Capricorn. Legal issues dealing with power and greed continue to be in the foreground worldwide as we learn more and more how world leaders have been abusing their positions. For some this is old hat. For others this is mind blowing and disillusioning. Have compassion for those who are getting their idealistic bubbles popped. Never say, “I told you so,” even if you feel like it. Also, the New Moon is a partial solar eclipse which intensifies the energies and causes it to have greater lasting power- 6 months, at least! The next 29 days will be very important.

January 6 Uranus will turn direct at 3:26 p.m. It has been retrograde since August 7. Innovations can move forward and be implemented. “Thinking globally and acting locally” is a reality we all want to endorse and take action for.

*Good news! After 3:26 p.m. today, absolutely no planets are retrograde until March 5 when Mercury turns retrograde until March 28. There are no planets retrograde between March 28 (at 10 a.m.) and April 10 (at 1 p.m.) Jupiter will turn retrograde at 1 p.m. on April 10. It’s easier to be in the flow when there are no planets retrograde. That’s the ideal time to launch your plan, sell your house, buy a house, sign legal documents, start a business, publish and promote your book, start a new job, and whatever else you’ve been working on to present to the world at large.

January 6 – 8 Mercury in Capricorn is in a challenging 90 degree “square” aspect to Mars in Aries. Your mind and nervous system are sped up, which could result in being too blunt with your words, thus finding you in an argument. Again, Mercury in Capricorn wants us all to be careful and thoughtful with words.



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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Jan 02, 2019 11:38

As a Capricorn I thank you for the advice! Happy New Year Carol! AZ is cold with snow, Imagine!

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