Astrology for September early days of Sept. that is...2018 for the east coast.

By ananur forma | Aug 31, 2018
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Early September 2018 Astrologically speaking,  interpreted for the East Coast by Ananur (Carol) Forma


September: There are still a few planets retrograde (rx) here’s the list and it’s shorter than it was! Saturn turns direct 9/6… Uranus turns direct 1/6/2019…. and Pluto will turn direct 9/30. The next time Mercury turns rx is:   11/16/2018 – 12/6/2018.



August 11- September 18 Saturn in Capricorn is in a positive aspect to Uranus in Taurus: the aspect is known as “the bridge.” It takes us from Saturn, which equals structure, and the traditional way of doing things, to a futuristic (Uranus) way of doing things that are inclusive, rather than elitist. It’s a positive blending of moving into the future in a gentle way rather than an abrupt way. Creative changes take place that require reorientation.

Elizabeth Warren has proposed a bill that, in her words: “Is the most ambitious anti-corruption legislation since Watergate.” Here's what Warren says about the bill she proposed:

In Washington, the government-to-lobbying revolving door spins so fast that it could make you dizzy. The Anti-Corruption Act puts a padlock on that door. This bill bans federal elected and top appointed officials from becoming lobbyists after they leave office: For the rest of their lives. It will help stop public officials from using their government position to pad their pockets and help out their former employers. It will stop corporations from working in the shadows to undermine public interest rules.”

This seems to me, to be a step in the right direction.


September 1 - 15 Jupiter is in a fine aspect with Pluto which is known to increase financial successes. If this aspect fits with your natal chart, then you are getting recognition… now, because you deserve it. I’m referring to those of you who were born: January 8 - 11, March 8 - 11, September 11 - 14, or November 10 - 5 of any year.


September 1 - 3 (until noon)  Mercury in Leo is in a fine aspect with Venus in Libra. Now is the time to write a love letter to your sweetheart. You’re also inclined to write poetry or lyrics. I don’t care if you say you don’t have the gift for it. You do, somewhere deep inside. This aspect will bring it about. Open to being in the flow of this fine energy, and I promise to do it, too.



September 5 - 21 Mercury enters Virgo on September 5. It’s back to school and we all fall into the consciousness of routine. I like to let it unfold and show me what the (new) routine is. There’s orderliness that leads to freedom and increased intuitive intelligence, if we would just stop fighting with structure and tradition because we might think it’s boring. Obviously I’m speaking of myself! Get rid of things (stuff) you don’t use/want/need. No more hoarding allowed - I’ve read that hoarding can be the cause of depression. It’s also time to consider which classes to sign up for at Adult ed.


September 5 - 7 Mercury is in a super fine aspect to Uranus. If you’re a writer or into any sort of promotional kind of work, you will be highly stimulated by this aspect. It will bring about original brilliant ideas for you to follow up on. Mercury is also in a super fine aspect to Saturn. In fact this is a, “Grand Trine,” with Mercury, Saturn, and Uranus. You can accomplish your goals while being incredibly methodical and productive. I’m not exaggerating! This is an excellent time for writers.


September 6  Saturn turns direct, having been rx since April 17 of this year. The political scene will shift. New structures in governing can become manifest in our towns, states and country. Saturn will say that we need more regulations not less.



September 6 - 8 Venus in Libra, is in an awkward aspect to Mars in Capricorn. You know this: you can’t control or manipulate a relationship with your emotions. Some use sympathy to get what they want. “est” (Erhard Seminars training) used to bop us over the head, metaphorically with this fact. My high school boyfriend threatened to kill himself if I didn’t get back with him. I had “fallen in love,” with a handsome Leo fellow from Bermuda, while there for Easter vacation. I came home and, I split up with my high school boyfriend. I thought it was the honest and kind thing to do by not doing anything behind his back. But, he now wanted to die, if he couldn’t have me. I said no at first. Then after a month of this, I gave in. I really thought it looked as if he was going to kill himself. Truly he was a great actor/manipulator.


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