Astrology for most of January 2021. New Moon January 13th.

Dec 31, 2020

Here is an astrological overview for the first 2 weeks of January. It's now after the Full Moon, which took place December 29th. *Wait to begin new projects until the New Moon on January 13. The phase between the New Moon and Full Moon is always the BEST time to begin a brand new project, job. relationship, exercise program, etc. if you want it to be successful. Meanwhile wishing everything would get back to "normal" is not realistic. Everything is different... and will create a new "normal."  This is the time to become inventive! Best suggestion is to be as present as possible in the moment rather than thinking too far into the future. Have you noticed that everything keeps changing from moment to moment? Making plans will find you learning to be more flexible, knowing that plans can suddenly change. It will be rugged from January 19 -22 but am not going to talk about that yet. Stay in the present moment, it's not boring.


Mercury will be turn retrograde late this month, from January 30 until March 3. Something else to be aware of is that Uranus will make some rather difficult aspects this month that will be disruptive and remind you that expanded awareness comes from within.  There will be unsettling external circumstances coming. More about that later.


December 29  -  January 1 Mercury in a positive aspect with Neptune ushers in the new year with peaceful loving acceptance and spiritual guidance to surrender egoic thoughts into the fire of the Divine. Artistic (musical, poetic) expression flows igniting Divine Presence in you.


January 2 – 4 Mercury is conjunct Pluto This combination is about analytical thinking on a profound psychological level and will reveal insight into the inner workings of thought. It will show you that we, as a collective mind are stuck in civil war consciousness. You know that prejudice did not end in the 1860’s. You are aware that there is plenty to do and pray about for this divisiveness to be washed away. Someone stated that ,”hurt people…..will hurt people.”



January 5 – 8 The Sun in Capricorn is in a positive aspect with Neptune in Pisces inviting you to pay attention to your creative urges. This is a time of feeling directed by your Higher Holy Divine Self. Trust the sparkling flow within you.


January 5 – 9 Venus in Capricorn is in a positive aspect with Mars in Taurus. Relationships thrive where there is an equal balance of masculine and feminine energy, both taking place within. This will be a productive phase when working together with those you trust and respect, becomes fun.


January 6 – March 3 Mars marches through Taurus with a the slow, steady, determined approach to accomplishing projects. Mars will be making some disruptive aspects during this phase. Sometimes those who were born with planets in Taurus have a hard time getting started and need a friend with planets in Aries to get going. Once in action, they persist! People who were born with the Sun in Taurus were born between April 19 – May 20 of any year.



January 7 – 9 Mercury is conjunct Saturn. This is an excellent time for legislators to brain storm. It would be lovely if they have a catered veggie meal together while discussing climate change and what to do about it worldwide. Concentration is much more focused for all of us. Try not to allow worrisome thoughts to take over. This aspect is known for worrying way too much.




January 8 -  March 15 Mercury is in Aquarius. Our minds merge as one in the desire for a new form of governance which includes, we the people. Know telepathically that we are (or “should be) invited to express our ideas and advice, in local governance and decision making and in our federal government as well. Don’t hold back. I think “they” really do want to hear from YOU and me. Innovative patents are no longer held back because we the people demand that. Caring for the Earth (Gaia) becomes a number one concern worldwide. There will be more songs, writings, and films created in favor of preserving our blue/green generous planet. There will be wider acceptance that ET’s are indeed, HERE


January 8 – 11 There is a lot going on during these few days. Mercury is conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius and they are aspecting Chiron in Aries. If you’ve gotten a DUI this is the ideal time to be involved in a 12 step healing program. Anyone with a diagnosis of “mental imbalance” may want to take classes in DBT. This is a course for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills and self-awareness.



January 8 – February 1 Venus is in Capricorn wanting to be involved in a serious solid, productive relationship for marriage or for a working partnership. Venus in this earthy sign, looks for mutual respect as a foundation to successful relating. You’re wanting to include fun while being productive at the job. Singing while working is a great idea.


January 9 – 24 Jupiter in Aquarius is in a challenging aspect with Uranus in Taurus. Ideas come but they are not practical. You may need to speak with a financial advisor before signing on the dotted line. Refinancing your mortgage and or making an investment will require some research. Take your time. Get rich schemes that come around will need to be checked out for legitimacy.



January 10 -12 Mercury in Aquarius is in a challenging aspect with Uranus in Taurus.  Be thoughtful before letting words come out. The words that come out quickly would ignite someone’s prejudicial beliefs. You’re having visionary images of “how it could be.” You might decide to call or email your legislator. You’re agitated by the actions of those in government positions.


January 10 – 13 Mars in Taurus is in a distressing aspect with Saturn. There will be delays and obstacles causing a great deal of frustration. During this phase Venus is in a positive aspect with Uranus. This aspect indicates that new friendships are forming. Some turn out to be romantic. It’s surprising to you that someone so different would be interested in you. Romance is in the air.


January 11 & 12 Venus is in an awkward aspect with Chiron (a large asteroid). This could find you suffering with your addiction which you still love, and yet it is screwing up your life. The addictive pull to act out is invasive. Seek help.


January  11- 14 The Sun and Pluto are conjunct in Capricorn. Power, competition, revenge and schemes “to over throw” are set in place to activate. Watch out for someone who is stalking you. A jealous, possessive ex-partner could be serious trouble for you. Be aware by seeking support from the police, if you trust them.


January 13 The New Moon takes place at 12:00 a.m. with the Sun and Moon at 23 degrees of Capricorn with Pluto also at 23 degrees of Capricorn. This is an emotionally explosive new cycle we’re entering. It is time for concern. Do not sit back and watch what happens. Speak up and trust your intuition to do or say something. A family member is suffering and you can help. Authority figures’ lives could be in danger because of the role they play in this insane world. Time for change. How bad does it have to get? The effects of the New Moon last until the next new cycle begins which will take place in 29 ½ day on February 11. Because Pluto is mathematically exactly involved with the Sun and Moon on this New Moon, authority issues and disruptions will be taking place. It could be a turning point of leaving behind the old authority roles that have convinced Presidents that they are kings, rather than part of a system with checks and balances of power. We will be witness to disruptive behavior. Mars is still in a distressing aspect with Saturn, igniting agitation with delays and obstacles.


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