Astrology for mid-October till the end of October 2016 Full Moon October 16th... pretty intense with Uranus involved!!!

By ananur forma | Oct 14, 2016

here is the rest of the month for you...

October 13-15 the Sun in Libra will be opposite Uranus in Aries could find you feeling irritable, high strung and reactive to what someone says or does. Think before going into action! This is a confrontational aspect.


October 13-15 Mercury will be in a difficult aspect to Pluto known for obsessive thoughts which could be a good thing if you need to learn something or teach something especially if it is an in depth topic. Just be careful to refrain from obsessive compulsive behavior at this time.


October 15 Mars will be nicely aspecting Saturn helping you to organize your thoughts and prepare to succeed in accomplishing your goals.


October 16 Full Moon with the Moon in Aries conjunct Uranus opposite the Sun in Libra… this Full Moon could be explosive and see unstable reactions manifested due to beliefs which divide us. Relationships which teeter on the edge of separating could find this to be a defining point. Confrontations and conflicts will come about. What is needed is conversations/discussions which are carefully mediated. This could bring about more scandals and serious issue brought to the public regarding our presidential candidates.


October 16 -17 the Sun will be in an awkward aspect to Neptune causing sensitivity and allergies to react. Your immune system needs boosting.



October 17 Venus will be in a challenging aspect to Pluto known to find us worrying about another. Jealousy issues crop up. You might know too much and not know what to do, tell your friend or not? I say…don’t tell. Let it fall into place the way the universe will have it be.



October 17-19 Mars will be conjunct Pluto in Capricorn and from 9-11 a.m. the Moon will be awkwardly aspecting both Mars and Pluto: rugged aspect as it brings about domestic violence and violence in general. Be careful.


October 17-20 (until noon) Mercury will be opposite Uranus and is known to be confrontational and finds people reacting to words and other’s opinions rather quickly before thinking. The aspect can also bring about insight and flashes of genius if yore paying attention.



October 18 Venus enters Sagittarius at 3:01 a.m. until November 11 (11-11). Good time to plan for a romantic get away to look forward to during the winter months. It’s time to fantasize about what your long for. Save up and make affirmations to make it your reality! Maybe make a vision board from magazine clippings of what you want to attract and manifest, it ‘s fun to do.



October 19-26 Jupiter in Libra will be awkwardly aspecting Neptune in Pisces confusion and delusional thinking takes place and you are baffled by the media and advertising. Now that we are so close to the elections this will add to the confusion of who to vote for, or not to vote at all.



October 20 the Sun will be in a challenging aspect to Saturn which is known to be seriously depressive. Watch out for worrisome  thoughts don’t give them too much attention! Use this energy wisely by organizing and getting rid of that which you no longer need, including old beliefs carried on since childhood. Seek freedom from thoughts that are depressive. Go on a healthy fast from negative thinking.


October 20-21 (until noon) Mercury will be in an unsettling aspect with Neptune bringing about more confusion.


October 22 the Sun will enter Scorpio at 7:46 p.m. taking emotions to a deep level and unleashing thoughts and images which are dark and perhaps a bit scary. You can take a healthy fast from this too! Scorpio is a very emotional sensitive water sign, but you might never know it because Scorpio individuals are so secretive and private with their inner world. Know that your Scorpio pals are more sensitive at this time. The Sun remains in Scorpio until November 21, when the Sun enters into Sagittarius.



October 23-25 Venus will be in an uncomfortable aspect with Neptune bringing about creativity brought about due to sad emotions. This aspect is classic of someone falling in love and not realizing how the other person feels about them. It can be a real set up for deep disappointment and disillusionment. Even if you were to say something to your friend in this position, chances are they would not be able to, “hear it.” Sometimes we all need to go through certain experiences in order to grow. It’s hard to watch someone you love fall into the pit of despair.


October 24 Mercury enters Scorpio at 4:47 p.m. until November 12. This aspect takes conversations to a deeper more authentic level of sharing in order to understand each other and experience a greater depth of intimacy, which by the way Scorpio individuals crave.  The power of observation is increased. By studying others actions and words you can get a clearer idea of who they really are and what their “agenda” is. It will be interesting to watch the presidential debates on TV.


October 24 – 26 Venus in Sagittarius is in a positive aspect with Jupiter in Libra: can be a very romantic time of truly enjoying one another- feeling relaxed and at home with each other. A fine time to enjoy gourmet food and the fine atmosphere of a nice restaurant.


October 25-27 the Sun is conjunct Mercury in Scorpio: speeding up your mind and bringing up old memories and worries/fears to be acknowledged and transformed by you. Gangaji  (spiritual teacher her sessions are found on YouTube) says, if your mind is hung up and going over and over again certain thoughts and scenarios - just say “STOP,” and your mind will obey!

Have  I already mentioned her book- “The Diamond in Your Pocket?” excellent.

October 26-28 Mars  in Capricorn will be in a dangerous aspect with Uranus, in Aries: This is known as “an accident prone aspect,” so be careful and be sensible. Car accidents seem to be more prevalent during this aspect.


October 27-29 Venus will be conjunct Saturn in Sagittarius: it’s likely now that you are considering a serious partnership or commitment. It may be business dealings, and will, of course, require careful thought. In a personal relationship this conjunction usually brings disappointment if your expectations are too rigid. Upgrade you expectations to preferences.


October 28-30 (until noon) Mercury in Scorpio will be in a super fine aspect to Neptune in Pisces: Your psychic ability/sensitivity is amped up right now. You may find that you cry more easily for now apparent reason. You’re just more sensitive and apt to be absorbing other’s emotions.


October 30 the New Moon takes place at 1:30 p.m. with the Sun and Moon at 7 degrees of Scorpio: This New Moon is in a fine aspect to Neptune in Pisces, it’s also aspecting Jupiter and Mercury is conjunct the Sun and Moon (in Scorpio): This is good! You’re much more conscious now of yourself as a Spiritual Being formless Spirit, part of everything! This new cycle brings the promise of awakened conscious awareness for all of us. Healing is available to those who have the belief system in place that “anything is possible.” Those who are in the healing “profession” will find that the healing energy coming through is much stronger at this time. This New Moon energy lasts for approximately one month until the next new Moon on November 29th. There ought to be plenty of good news now.


October 30 Venus will be in a favorable aspect to Pluto: good one to connect with an ex-lover and resolve unfinished, “business” which will help both of you move forward tension free. Someone from your past might contact and it would bring up old memories that had been forgotten.


October 30-31 Mercury will be in a positive aspect to Jupiter: your humor is in top notch shape, great for teaching and writing and being spontaneous. You’ll get lots of ideas worth writing down at this time.


October 30-November 1 (at noon) the Sun in Scorpio will be in a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces: more healing energies are released at this time!!! This would be an ideal time for a past life regression or going to a massage therapist. Make sure before the session that you make a statement to your higher self to allow the healing to come through and that you state clearly (inwardly) that you are open to receiving the healing energy being offered at this time.


October 31 – November 3 (at 8 a.m.) Mercury in Scorpio will be in a fine aspect with Pluto in Capricorn: this aspect is ideal for studying, researching, delving deeply into your subject. It’s especially good for psychology, going to a therapist, being a therapist, paying attention to your insights, being a detective, using your detective mind, observing carefully before speaking out, and most of all this aspect can bring you profound insights about yourself.


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