Astrology for May 15-22 interpreted by local Astrologer (since 1976) Ananur (Carol) Forma

By ananur forma | May 16, 2018

May 2018 calculated for east coast time zone interpreted by Ananur Forma 207-594-2565


May 15 The New Moon takes place at 7:48 a.m. with the Sun and Moon at 24 degrees of Taurus. New beginnings are welcomed. Both Pluto and Mars are in positive aspects to this particular New Moon, thus offering us patience, persistence, determination and the power to transform our lives for the next 29 1/2 days. It’s likely that world wide protests take place during this 29 ½ day cycle. We are united, inwardly, with our love for our planet, the animal kingdom and for humanity.



May 15 at 11:23 a.m. Uranus will enter Taurus until the end of April 2026. Yes, that’s a long time. Uranus moves very slowly around our Sun, it takes 84 years. Uranus will become retrograde, going back into Aries, from November 6, 2018 until March 5, 2019. Then...Uranus will move into Taurus until April 2026. That which has been started while Uranus was in Aries (first sign of the zodiac) will come to be tested for long term survival, or not. Uranus was in Aries from March 2011, until now. What did you initiate during the last 8 years? Uranus in the earthy sign of Taurus, brings a shift from identifying and living by the 5 senses, to expanding us all... to accept & recognize the value and existence of senses far beyond the 5 (seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and tasting. We come from a society which says, “Prove it to me.” Our extra sensory senses cannot be proven in the old “sense” of the way that we’re used to proving something. Getting a gut feeling that something is not right for you, or concern that something considered unfavorable is happening to someone you care about, you call, and yes, you’re hunch is correct… and boy oh boy are they grateful that you paid attention and called! Here’s a common one, the phones rings and you intuitively “know” who it is. How about when you write and suddenly you’re aware that you had no idea that you were going to write what you did, and it is wise beyond your current understanding, and you’re happy to have had the experience, even though you might not understand it. You don’t need to understand, that can be a trap of the ego, wanting to be in control. You may have at some point, seen colors surrounding someone, and not understood what was going on. Ok, you get the idea, that there are many more “senses” to be acknowledged. Uranus will also bring about changes to our economy. Already many people are using plastic cards, rather than cash. Then there’s “bit coins” that are paving the way to something else, which I know that I don’t understand. Uranus in Taurus will bring about more awareness of climate change and the need to honor the earth and “Her” resources, which we humans have taken advantage of. I’m not telling you anything you don’t know. Taurus is an earth sign and that means the search for stability, security and keeping things as they are.


May 15-18 Mercury in Taurus is in a positive aspect to Saturn in Capricorn. This is excellent for studying; researching, and for focusing on details which demand incredible patience…your concentration is good!



May 16- November 15 Mars is now in Aquarius. Your actions tend to be altruistic and impersonal. Marches & protests will be world wide, larger than ever. There is clarity and defining taking place of what we want in the future for humanity, and our planet.



May 16-28 Jupiter in Scorpio is in a 120 degrees aspect (called a trine) to Neptune in Pisces. Oh, maybe this is my very favorite aspect. This aspect can bring about a true love/twin flame relationship (far greater than a “soul mate” bond). If it is promised in your natal chart to begin with, or if Jupiter or Neptune is conjunct your natal Venus or Chiron, you will meet that special someone during this phase. It is a phase of incredible spiritual uplifting, wisdom, insight, when miraculous healing energies are bestowed upon you, and a deep feeling and knowingness that .. “Truly all is well,” can take place. If you have blocking beliefs from childhood still stuck in your cells, then this might not take place. This kind of belief might sound something like: “nothing good ever happens to me.” or another blocking belief could be something like this: “My childhood religion says I don’t deserve something this good.” We must scour our minds to find what debilitating beliefs lie lurking deep inside, ready to spoil something desired. Scorpio energy enjoys digging deep like a detective into the unconscious, and Pisces energy is very psychic and aware while spending time alone, and listening for Guidance. By the way, a “twin flame” relationship raises the awareness level of the entire planet! This tells me how important it is not to stay in a stale unbroken relationship where 2 people are not in harmony. Pray to find your twin flame life partner- it is much more rewarding. Those in these relationships absolutely “know” they have it, and knew from the moment they met their mate. I have seen this many times during my years of practice. I wish there were more grounded twin flame relationships.




May 17-19 brings about another romantic energy found in the fact that Venus is in a positive aspect to Uranus. Have you ever had a sudden attraction to someone and felt like you already knew them? This aspect brings about that kind of magnetic attraction.





May 19- June 13 Venus enters Cancer a water sign, and is very sensitive and dedicated to family relationships. There will be many family events and gatherings to increase bonds and overcome old misunderstandings and/or conflicts. How do you define “family?” Some feel more at home (in heart) with their friends with whom they share the same values and interests. Finding common thread with our blood family members, can create bonds on a deeper level than we previously thought possible. Sharing food, nurturing each other, and spending time in the garden is very typical of Venus in Cancer.


May 20 – June 21 the Sun enters Gemini on May 20 at 10:15 p.m. bringing about a rush of curiosity and playfulness. Have you ever noticed that your Gemini friends are youthful and full fun? This is the kind of energy you can expect during this phase. It’s easier to multi-task, just don’t do it while driving, please. Your mind is full of wonder. You find yourself learning and open to attending many different types of cultural gatherings. Three songs come to mind: “Two Lovers,” sung by Mary Wells, “Two Faces have I,” sung by Lou Christie, and also “Gemini Dreams,” by the Moody Blues. Many Gemini people I know experience frustration when deciding which talent to focus on, because they have so many! During this phase, while the Sun is in Gemini, you may discover more talents to unfold than you were previously aware.


May 20-23 the Sun is in a positive aspect with Mars, increasing desires and strong sexual energy. You’ll initiate projects, thus assuming leadership to launch a project.


May 20-22 Mercury in Taurus is in a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces. If you are looking for proof that your extra-sensory perception is for real, you will get it now.


May 21-23 Mercury in Taurus is opposite Jupiter in Scorpio. Your thinking is expansive, optimistic, and open to all kinds of possibilities. Remember to pay close attention to details if you’re dealing with legal documents. The tendency is to blindly trust, that all has been taken care of.... according to your standards.


May 22-25 Mercury in Taurus is in a positive aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. I’d say, if you were born with this aspect, you’re probably a genius. So, at this time genius thinking is available to tap into. This is good for business dealings and negotiations.







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