Astrology for May 13 - 19 no clarity on the virus until late July

May 12, 2020


I want to say that because of Venus retrograde in Gemini until end of July we really won't know the facts.  We ALL remain in, "I don't know the truth yet, about the virus." This is because when Venus went retrograde it was in a challenging aspect with Neptune. So our fantasies about what is going on our thoughts,concepts, and beliefs, even though we are doing plenty of researching does NOT bring about our desired  knowingness...yet. We are being deceived intentionally? Maybe. We are given facts that contradict, yes that is true. We don't know if opening even a little will do more harm? could be........We just don't know, period. Venus square (90 degree aspect) which I term as "challenging" brings about hopes and Utopian ideas... and all that is fine yet can be confusing and a set up for a let down. and we're all in it together. I heard someone say this virus phase we're all living in is being called, "The era of separation." I say, "It's the Error of Separation."  My Venus Neptune fantasy is that we recognize and keep this recognition that we are ONE people who need and care about each other, deeply.

That's my dream and desire......... Love, Joy, Peace, Abundance for all. Change is here.


Wednesday, May 13 Mars will enter Pisces today until June 27. My first Astrology teacher (and my forever favorite) Isabel Hickey used to say, “ Pisces is the dustpan of the zodiac.” By that she meant that Pisces people has all the positive and negative traits of all the 12 signs. We always have a choice of how we use the energies. Stray cats usually appear on doorsteps asking to join family during this position of Mars. Does this happen to you? You’re ready to be helpful. The other option is increased drug dependency if you make that choice, that is if it is a choice when you’re addicted? Look out for those you love who have this addiction. I’ve observed that those who are addicted have found that life here on planet earth is just too harsh and difficult. Use this Pisces influence wisely by being available to those in need. Venus turns retrograde today until June 24. Very challenging to express affection when we’re told no physical or social contact. I consider myself “lucky” if my cat is in the mood, to allow me to hug him. The Sun and Pluto are in a positive aspect until Friday, offering incredible healing energy for you emotionally and mentally. Pluto always offers the option for transforming your life, if you desire that and make some sort of an effort. Reaching out for help can cure arrogance! I do know people who changed their lives from being addicted to drugs (alcohol of course is included) when Pluto made a profound personal aspect to her chart. What I am writing here is not person.a you would have to have an individual personal private ready to learn if Pluto is in a transformation aspect in your astrological chart. You need to know your birth time, location at birth and of course your birthday and year. Astrology is precise and mathematical. also Cosmic which is somewhat beyond the rational mind to comprehend, it's a stretch. I am happy to offer sliding scale fees at this time  of course I have to pay electric bill, heating, etc. & property tax too....yet my rates are more than reasonable, I think. questions about this?  am happy to respond to all questions you may have.

Thursday, May 14 Jupiter turns retrograde today until September 13. Time to explore your spiritual or religious beliefs. Do they fit with who you are right now? Where do you place your faith? When stuck in "I don't know-land," where does your inner strength come from? The book I'm reading right now is a powerful gem: funny, clever and VERY profound, based on the teachings of ACIM ("A Course in Miracles" = the miracle is seeing the Divine Spark in everyone and everything).  The name of the book I'm referring to is: "Yield to Joy," by Pamela Whitman. I bought it on amazon. We’ve got plenty of planets retrograde now, which is normal for summertime. Mercury is not one of them, I'm glad of that! Yup. We’re all held in check, unable to feel impulsive and free, for now. The Moon will be conjunct Mars in Pisces from 10 p.m. until 12 a.m. Dreams will be colorful and epic, and could be prophetic.


Friday, May 15 Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are retrograde. This is not unusual. It takes place every summer, to balance out all the extroverted energies of summer time. Maybe you’ve had enough it. This phase offers time to focus on how you’ve been living your life and what you might want to change. What if you died tomorrow, would you have any regrets or anyone you forgot to tell that you truly love them? Retrograde planets invite us to answer these types of questions. The Sun in a positive aspect with Pluto ends by 8 a.m.

Saturday, May 16 the Sun is now in an excellent aspect with Jupiter ushering in positive thoughts and feelings lifting your Soul. Playing volleyball or another group sport would fill you with joy if there is a way to do it with masks, do it. This aspect is with us until tomorrow night. It also attracts you to studying metaphysics and spiritual philosophies. Have you read anything by James Gilliland found easily on the net. (worthwhile to check him out)  I did a public presentation of a video about him years ago and the library was jam packed!!!  From 2:30 until 4:30 p.m. you may find yourself easily frustrated when the Moon in Pisces is in a challenging aspect with Venus in Gemini. You’re not getting your needs met.

Sunday, May 17 the Sun in Taurus remains in a positive aspect with Jupiter in Capricorn, until midnight. This aspect is known to bring financial blessings. Those experiencing this personally were born: May 16-19, September 18 – 21, and January 16 – 19 of any year. The rest of us will feel the availability of increased joy and wisdom coming into a calm mind, which some say is worth a million. From 11:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. the Moon in Aries will nicely aspect Saturn in Aquarius. During this phase use the concentration that you’ve got and cherish it. You can get plenty of your goals accomplished, much more than just taking out the garbage if you decide to.

Monday, May 18 between 11:15 a.m. and 1:15 p.m. the Moon in Aries will be nicely aspecting Mercury in Gemini, stimulating interesting conversations that have you laughing and jotting down ideas. Saturn is staying at 1 degrees of Aquarius from April 6 until June 15. Then Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn. Saturn acts up again at 1 degrees of Aquarius from December 26 until January 4, 2021. Anyone who was born between January 19 – 23, April 18 – 23, July 20 – 26, or October 20 – 26 of any year, are feeling Saturn’s urgent demands for self-discipline. Saturn is happy when we follow the rules it’s setting for each of us personally. A friend I hadn’t spoken with for over a year called and said he’s had 3 dreams where I’m telling him that I need to be walking every day for 20 minutes to feel better, after 2 weeks of this, then advance it to 30 minutes everyday to help with my diabetes issues. Saturn is making some stern aspects in my chart, so I’m paying close attention.

Tuesday, May 19 Mercury is in a challenging aspect with Neptune until Friday. Confusion and misunderstandings are common with this aspect. The Sun is in a positive aspect with Saturn helping all of us to relax and focus on one thing at a time This aspect helps all those whose birth dates I mentioned yesterday to accomplish goals with focus and organized planning. This aspect is also with us until Friday. From 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. the Moon in Aries will be in a challenging aspect to Pluto bringing about irritability. From 2:30 until 4:30 p.m. the Moon will be in an awkward aspect with Jupiter causing false hope and arrogance. The Sun enters Gemini tomorrow at 9:49 a.m.

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