Astrology for June 14 - 30 calculated/interpreted by Maine Astrologer Ananur (since 1976)

Jun 14, 2020

Here's the second half of June 2020 times are calculated for the East Coast of USA

* Just thought to add this: The film, "CRASH," have you ever seen it? I think it came out in 2013. It is very intense in it's portrayal of the many sick racial attitudes alive in this country. Also, portrays police power tripping. The film is done well. In fact it's the ONLY time that I have respected Sandra Bullock as an actor. Many talented actors are in this film. It's blunt, direct and gets you in the gut, it did for me.



June 12 – 14 The Sun in Gemini is in an awkward (150 quincunx degree) aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect ignites competition and the ruthless drive to succeed, also to knock over whoever is in the way. I saw a license plate that said, “Outta my way.” That’s a pretty good description of this energy. Be wary of someone who seeks to control or dominate your thinking. Best advice ever is to think for yourself, and take your time while doing it. Anyone who was born June 13 – 17 or August 15 – 19 of any year will find they are more stressed out than usual. These individuals need to pay close attention to the ego challenges brought on at this time for them. Great insights come from facing severe issues head on within yourself in order to understand why this issue is in your life? This is not the time for blaming and shaming someone else. This is a time for self-reflection and inquiry.


June 14 – 16 The Sun is in an awkward aspect with Jupiter (150 quincunx) in Capricorn. Try staying focused rather than having too many things to do. It’s easy to get distracted and end up doing too much, then regretting it and being exhausted. Driving here, driving there, when you could’ve combined trips and not wasted time and gas. This aspect is also known for promoting things that don’t exist or are not what the salesperson says it is. Do not buy a car or truck. If you are going to buy a home, you should be concerned about the realtor’s disclosure list. Make sure it’s up to date. Do you have a house inspector coming to make sure things are as they said they ought to be? Do not trust blindly. Watch out for mold.


June 15 – 18 Mars in Pisces is in a positive aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. Mars rules Scorpio, and so does Pluto. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Mars is therefore strengthened in this aspect. Mars normally is not strong in Pisces due to emotionality clouding confusion about the purpose of activity, which can lead to inaction. This aspect between Mars and Pluto brings about, “ the warrior for the Light.” Being motivated by principles that state our Oneness ought to be what guides you into action. Always when Mars and Pluto (both rulers of Scorpio) are in a good aspect there is courage and confidence beyond what is normal to the individual. Obviously there is Higher assistance taking place from the realms of Light.



June 15 – July 14 & also November 1 – 30  This aspect also took place March 23, 2020 – April 11, 2020) The aspect is Jupiter conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. It’s an expansive time and brings about consciousness raising and financial wealth, if it fits with your natal chart. You and others are more outspoken and are finding answers to unsolved mysteries that are having influence on our lives: for instance 5G and the health hazards it brings with it. There is research that needs to be valued and respected.



June 17 – 20 Mars in Pisces is in a positive aspect with Jupiter in Capricorn. This will be a busy time. There’s optimism and hope that we are in a new phase. This could mean finding a cure (herbal? ayurevedic? homeopathic?) for dealing with the virus. If you’re organized you will accomplish more than you thought you could. This is a productive time if you’re involved with an action group. Perhaps you’ve organized yourselves to deliver food, water, medicine, masks, or indoor board games, or something I haven’t thought of. Imagine that! I highly recommend Banyan (pure) Botanicals Ayurevedic organic products, out of New Mexico.


*Today is June 18 and Mercury turned retrograde at 1 a.m. You won't believe what I just did. I deleted, cleaned out unwanted emails and by mistake deleted my entire inbox. They're all gone. Yikes! Bad mistake. Sorry if yours was in there?


June 18 – July 12 Mercury will be retrograde beginning June 18 at 1 a.m. going direct July 12 at 4:26 a.m. The news is apt to get the information to us but it’s not correct; mistakes have been made and apologies will follow. Communications get messed up, as you know, during this retrograde phase. People tend to not listen carefully, they’re in a hurry, and then make assumptions that are not accurate. This is never the right time to buy a car, truck, house, condo or boat. It’s not the right time to sign a legal document unless you have someone who is obsessive compulsive reading over it for you. Your mail might not get delivered when you hoped it would, or your letter or package gets lost in the mail for a few months. Remember we’ve got a bunch of planets already retrograde making it even more dramatic.



Jun 18 – 20 The Sun is in an awkward aspect with Saturn, creating havoc with circumstances that produce obstacles to forward momentum. If Saturn is near your natal Sun, then Saturn demands you take good care of your physical body. Those with Saturn in harsh aspects to their birth placement of the Sun are those born January 18 – 21, April 17 – 21, June 18 – 21, August 19 – 23, October 20 – 24, of any year. This Saturn lesson for those born on these dates will be in effect until January 6, 2021. The rest of us need to become a little more self-disciplined. However, people born on these dates need to pay close attention to taking better care of themselves.


June 20 Summer Solstice takes place at 5:44 p.m. when the Sun moves into Cancer. Sorry to tell you that the Sun in a difficult aspect with Saturn brings about health concerns today until tomorrow night. Do wear a mask, do take care of yourself if you feel weak and tired, don't push yourself to do more than your body tells you it is capable of. Also this aspect brings about sadness and regret. Try not to get stuck in guilt it is not healthy and will weaken your immune system. Dive into the depth of Love and Spiritual Guidance to help you if this is a tough time for you. There is help available.


June 21 Sunday morning 2:41 a.m.  a Solar Eclipse (New Moon) will make a huge impact on all of us for the year emotionally. Those who are psychic will have prophetic dreams of what's ahead like they have previously. Some know about 9/11 before it took place!  Anyone who was born June 20 – 23 will have the opportunity to make big changes in their life with the blessings of the Cosmos. Trust your psychic awareness and go in the direction of your goals/ideals and don’t hold back. We won’t see the solar eclipse in the U.S. Taken from the internet: “The annular phase of this solar eclipse is visible from parts of Africa including the Central African Republic, Congo, and Ethiopia; south of Pakistan and northern India; and China.”

*Summer Solstice took place at precisely at 5:44 p.m. Saturday night June 20 when the Sun moved into Cancer. We call this summer when there is more daylight, which symbolically represents our awareness of Spirit bringing more Divine Light to our awareness. Cancer is the sign connected to family, domestic values, helping one another, respect for the land, and beautifying our homes and gardens. Cancer is a naturally nurturing water sign and therefore Cancer people have easy access to their feelings and the need to not hide them. May the Light of the One God bring joy and insight to you, and your family/friends. May your faith be increased.



June 23 - November 20 Neptune is retrograde, which makes a total of six planets retrograde now: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto. Venus will turn direct in two more days. We are nudged to spend some precious time alone in quiet reflection. There’s great potential for global consciousness raising due to individuals’ own “examination of conscience.” This can be contagious and I won’t mind.



June 25 Venus turns direct at 2:48 a.m. having been retrograde since mid-May. Social physical distancing is changing more and more with Venus now direct. There’s a need for self-expression and to share affection. Maybe a hug won’t kill me, or you.



June 26 – 28 Mars in Aries is in a positive aspect with Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect finds you accomplishing your goals because you are organized and are sticking to your plan. You’ve got great concentration and discipline.



June 27 – January 6, 2021 Mars is in Aries, which is the true warrior who stands for truth and high principles. Mars in Aries can get reactive faster than fast. Stay true to your higher Self not your ego.



June 27 – July 1 The Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Cancer and in a positive aspect with Uranus in Taurus. Trust your intuition and expect amazing insight to come and fill your mind. You never know what will set off an incredible, innovative idea. You could be listening to the Beach Boys! Divine Intelligence is in everything. Why not let your awareness expand? Our born leaders are those born with the Sun in Aries. They will feel super charged with Mars in their sun sign. Aries individuals are born between March 20 and April 19 of any year, you know that, right? Leo and Sagittarius people will also feel super charged with Mars now in Aries. They are also known to be born leaders.


July 1 Saturn while in Retrograde since May 11 in Aquarius, now slips back into Capricorn for a while. Saturn has been between zero and 1 degree of Aquarius since March 22 of this year, and will be there again in January. With Saturn retrograde, it is calculated as moving backwards into Capricorn because it is moving so slowly. The folks getting the benefits of Saturn in late degrees of Capricorn are those born: March 15 – 21, May 15 – 21, and September 17 – 22 of any year. These folks enjoy increased self-discipline, concentration, and commitment to taking good care of themselves without a health issue to motivate them.


*Remember the good news is that Jupiter and Pluto are remaining conjunct until July 14 and then activate again in November. Opportunities abound.
Be well, stay well, and don’t hide your love under a bucket, as the song goes.
My gut feeling is that all of you who are reading this right now are shining your Love Light wherever you are!


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