Astrology for July 12-31, 2017 July 23 New Moon takes place in Leo, it will be incredibly energizing.

By ananur forma | Jul 13, 2017
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the rest of July 2017 right here! by Ananur Forma

July 12-14 Very positive energy gets ushered in…when Mercury in Leo is in a fine aspect to Jupiter in Libra… stimulating humor, intelligence and fun. Excellent for writing a book! Your mind is full of excellent ideas and insights- especially if you were born with this aspect. Many actors, comedians & persons of high intelligence were born with this aspect: Lucille Ball, Madame Curie, Cary Grant, Adlai Stevenson, Eisenhower, David Crosby, Meher Baba, & Leo Di Caprio, and the list goes on.


July 15-17 Venus in Gemini, is in a challenging aspect to Neptune in Pisces which brings up idealism in regard to being in love and finding your true love in this lifetime. This aspect may show you that you married, “a friend,” and have not really known true love. It can be a sad shocker-roo, yet you find goodness in the union, and have come to accept this marriage as A-ok. You may find that your dog or cat is your “true love” and that… relationship fills the emptiness inside. At the same time Mars in Cancer, is in a nasty aspect with Uranus in Aries, always meant to be a time of caution… because it is traditionally known to be, “an accident prone time.” Don’t be impulsive or reckless at this time!!! Pay attention to your gut feelings. It could save your life. Really.


July 16-18 Venus in Gemini is in a positive aspect to Jupiter in Libra Ahh….. This is a very romantic aspect and brings good “luck” and financial gain. This is especially true if it is personally aspecting directly to your chart. Anyone who was born: February 1-5, June 3-7, August 5-9, October 5-9 or December 4-8 of any year will find this (personally) to be an incredibly successful time for you! Hopefully you have been focused and envisioning success already.



July 17-19 Mercury is in a positive aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius. This is an excellent aspect for writing. If you have a book in your head now is the time to start outlining and getting started! In fact, I am writing a book! It is an interview book of people who have had near death experiences, dreams, visions, which have shown you that, “there is no such thing as death.” You may have had an experience with someone passing onward that was profound for you.  I’m interested in how this has affected your life. I've interviewed 8 people so far and it has been a fascinating journey!  If you would like to be interviewed & included in the book, please contact me. 207-594-2565 or


July 18-20 the Sun in Cancer is in a challenging aspect to Uranus, in Aries. It brings out the rebel inside, who steps apart from society and wants to build new ways of doing things that are progressive and all inclusive. Can bring out a sort of stubbornness, expecting to be “right” and not wanting to budge. Have to make a real effort to shift outlook and be open to other’s perspectives, during this phase.

July 20 Mars enters Leo and stays in this determined energetic sign until September 5. This placement of Mars gives lots of physical energy and enthusiasm. It’s good for being in a leadership role.


July 22-August 22 the Sun enters Leo at 11:16 a.m. the hottest time of year and most playful. You enjoy being center of attention and will do most anything consciously or unconsciously to get it. Great time for performers to be LIVE entertaining. There’s greater freedom to let go July 22-August 22 continued…and give it your all. Parties, glamour and food all are beautified and lavishly displayed and enjoyed. We’re all a bit more affectionate and expressive. We’re determined and persistent during the phase.


July 22-24 Venus in Gemini is opposite Saturn in Sagittarius which brings about harsh realities in personal relationships. High idealistic expectations are apt to fall flat. Commitment can take place, but it takes good ole honest communication to get there. At the same time Mercury in Leo, is in a super fine aspect to Uranus in Aries which increases intuition & creativity and will speed up your nervous system.


July 23 the New Moon takes place at 5:46 a.m. with the Sun, Moon & Mars at zero degrees of Leo. New beginnings start off with a blast of energy! Big goals and huge idealism has got you invigorated. Group meetings which find shared humanitarian ideals deeply felt, bring great joy. Details come later, on how to go about in the direction of unification. Pay attention to details. Organizing meetings takes extra energy and is required. You may need a couple of leaders to pull it off. It’s time (again), to take a stand for what is best for all of humanity. Remember the song by Sly and the Family Stone?  “Stand.”


July 23-26 the Sun remains conjunct Mars in Leo bringing abut huge blasts of physical and sexual energies. You can accomplish your goals if you’re super organized.


July 25- August 31 Mercury will enter and remain in mentally orderly, practical thrifty, earthy Virgo. This is a time for getting rid of what you don’t really need. It’s also a good time for planning ahead, making winter goals to go some place ideal.


July 28-30 Venus in Gemini is nicely aspecting Uranus in Aries. You’re meeting new interesting people because you’re going to events that are stimulating for you artistically and musically. This would be an ideal time for artistic spontaneous happenings which include audience participation.

July 27 –August 11 Jupiter in Libra is in a challenging aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This aspect has been with us a few other times in 2016 and 2017. This is the last time for many years for this to take place.


July 31-August 26  Venus enters Cancer and you are drawn to spend time with family members and learn more about your family history.


*August 12- September 5 is when Mercury will be retrograde.





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