Astrology for  first half of February 2018 by Ananur Forma, New Moon Feb. 15th

By ananur forma | Feb 09, 2018
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*There are absolutely no planets retrograde now… until March 8 at 11:46 p.m. The cosmos supports your forward momentum! Yahoo. calculated and interpreted by Ananur Forma since 1976


February 1-3 Mercury in Aquarius is in a positive aspect to Mars in Sagittarius, stimulating interesting conversations. You ought to have plenty of ideas to work with. During these few days Venus in Aquarius is in a challenging aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio, finding you indulging in fine wine, food and sweets. Careful not to overdo it, because with this aspect it’s so easy to do! You might feel like baking- so bake a cake, cookies, or pie, and give it to a friend? This aspect does promote generosity and the desire for sweets.


February 4-6 Venus in Aquarius is in a positive aspect to Uranus in Aries bringing about new friends and acquaintances who are unusual in that they are not like you. Step out of your usual routine.


February 8-10 the Sun in Aquarius is in a challenging aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio, shows you that there are (more) lies being told. You can spot the lies easily. It seems to be a time when people tend to exaggerate and promote themselves. If you’re feeling super optimistic that’s fine. Do some research before making any important decisions. Don’t invest your money now. You would get conned.


February 10 Venus enters Pisces at precisely 6:20 p.m. where she is exalted. Venus in Pisces is a fine placement for “Her” as the creative expression is moved outward by deep love and appreciation for beauty and kindness. You’re feeling deeply inspired which brings about great works of art. Music has a healing effect on you, more so now, than at other times. Venus remains in Pisces until March 6.


February 10-13 Mercury is in a challenging aspect to Jupiter which causes people to blab on and on and on. Sometimes it brings about humor and practical joking. Try not to get over extended or scatter your energies. The Sun is in a positive aspect to Uranus enriching your intuitive knowledge which comes in a flash of genius. Pay close attention to what your knowingness is telling you. You’ll find that you’re more aware than you thought you are!


February 12-15 Mercury in Aquarius is in a positive aspect to Uranus, in Aries speeding up your mind and nervous system. This aspect is hard on the adrenals. Pay attention to your breathing and slow it down if you need to = breathe in to count of 4 (heart beats) … hold breathe and count to 8 (heart beats) let breath out to count of 4 (heart beats). Repeat a few times. Also going on is Venus in Pisces, in a favorable aspect to Saturn, in Capricorn. This aspect has to do with dependability and noticing those you know you can count on. If entering into a new friendship, business partnership or romantic union- you will know, now if this is a reliable bond or not, according to your personal standards…of honesty, reliability and integrity.


February 14-17 Mars in Sagittarius is in a challenging aspect to Neptune in Pisces. Pale blue night lights are good for protection from negative entities. You might need one or two of them, now. This aspect has to do with interference from earthbound spirits. They need to be lovingly released. It bothers me that movies are made to instill fear of those spirits who are stuck and haven’t yet moved on. We can help them. During this phase the Sun is conjunct Mercury both are in late degrees of Aquarius, getting ready to move into Pisces. With Sun and Mercury close, your mind is overly active and may be too stimulated to make sense to you. Too many thoughts will cause you to not be in the present moment, and thus not be good listener.


February 15 New Moon partial solar eclipse (in Antarctica & South America) with the Sun and Moon at 27 degrees of Aquarius both conjunct Mercury… which forms a positive aspect to Uranus (ruling planet of Aquarius) this takes place at exactly 4:05 p.m. The genius innovative qualities of Aquarius are emphasized because of the placement of Uranus, in relation to the eclipse. Innovations will be in the leading role during this year! I love it that in London they have figured out how to use coffee grounds to run the red double decker buses! I know they had to do a special process in a laboratory. I hope we can do that here in the USA. I know that Trump won’t suggest it. He is interested in oil & money. We don’t need oil for electricity, anymore. We’ve got so many other choices. Oil drilling off the coast of this country is a terrible idea! We need to make our thoughts known. Aquarian energy is group oriented and is concerned with the future, if there is going to be one. We may have to call on our ET buddies for help. They can’t help unless we ask. I know there are “good ones” and “bad ones,” in our psychic field. The “bad ones” thrive on our fear and anger. We can’t give them that, to “feed” them. We all need to gather and support one another to be even more caring of each other and make decisions that are for the good of all. That is what is deep in our hearts, I’m not telling you anything new. Just a reminder. I love the Moody Blues song (Story in Your Eyes) that states, “The Love that’s deep inside us, is still the same.” The word “still” in the song says so much… that being in stillness reminds of us our deep love and peace inside… that cannot be “stolen” unless we get so caught up in fear and anger that we forget the Stillness is within. I’m sure I’ve said this before… this is just another reminder of our ONENESS.





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Thanks for a good read Carol!

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