Astrology for December 3. Mercury is still retrograde, until Thursday. New Moon on Thursday at 2:20 a.m. in Sagittarius!

Dec 03, 2018

The Sun in Sagittarius is in a conflicted aspect with Neptune in Pisces, bringing about confusion. This is with us from December 2 - 5 (Wednesday). Don’t bother with the news right now, it will be manipulative...and missing necessary facts in order to come to a conclusion. It's foggy right now as I look outside, that's about the clearest definition of the energy of the Sun and Neptune I could give you. Our minds are foggy and we don't know what's what. This is NOT the time to make an important decision or sign a legal document.

Mercury is still retrograde and it has been non-stop issues for me. Car problems. Refrigeration issues. They sent the wrong part. Now the Appliance guy is on vacation so need to wait for him to get back. They finally did send the correct part.


Friend of mine in  southern California wants to move. She has asked me to find the ideal state for her to move to. She gave me a list of states she does not want to move to, and another list of states she would consider. This gives me something interesting to research Astrologically. I love doing this. It's called Astro*cartography and there is a special Astrologer's program that maps out the person's natal Astrology chart for different locations, fascinating. I used it when i moved out west and it showed personal love relationships not steady not solid. And that's just what happened, my husband and I got divorced amically thank goodness...My practice did flourish because my chart now had the Sun on the top of the chart rather than positioned in the 8th house. If you know of someone who has had this done, ask them how it worked for them?


What else? today December 3 Monday from 2-4 p.m. the Moon will be conjunct Venus in Scorpio. I did see them close together early this morning. This conjunction brings about romantic feelings with a need for authentic intimacy.

It can also be a time of indulging in an addiction such as shopping, overeating, drinking, drugging, gambling etc. The goal on a Soul level is to feel peaceful and calm and to let go of all worries. I assure you there are many options that are not addictive to find peace of mind, which we all want.


I am happy about the New Moon coming up on Friday December 7 with the Sun and Moon at 15 degrees of Sagittarius. Pluto forms a positive aspect to the New Moon ushering in helpful energies for overcoming addictions! Sagittarius New Moon brings us adventure and the willingness to have more fun. Sometimes it really is simple, just a decision to be made, "Today I'm happy and am going to view my life as an adventure and have fun." Because Neptune is in a challenging aspect to the New Moon I see it as a time (next 29 1/2 days) as a time for helping others, having more compassion and giving more of oneself than spending money because the holiday tells us to...Spending quality time with an elder who lives alone, or someone at home recovering from surgery is the BEST gift you can give. I'm sure that you already know this.

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