Astrology for August 8-20. Mercury will turn direct early morn August 19. Jupiter is still aspecting Neptune. holy holy energy.

By ananur forma | Aug 15, 2018


August 8-24 one of the BEST aspects there is is in effect now.*

Jupiter in Scorpio is in a positive aspect to Neptune in Pisces. A very high vibration of spiritual energy is blessing all of us. This aspect brings about incredible creativity. Healing comes from music, art and reading inspired authors. This is the ideal time to go on retreat at an ashram or create a day, or few days of fasting, meditation, journal writing,and silence for yourself. This aspect is wanting to download wisdom and insight for us to raise consciousness. It's a good time to relax and not worry about being productive.


August 16-18 Venus is in a positive aspect to Mercury which is super fine for writing lyrics and expressing yourself through the arts. It can also be a romantic time if you choose to be open to it.


August 19 Mercury will be turning direct at 12:23 a.m. Sometimes it takes a few days to correct all the things that have become problematic. I’m getting the rust on my car taken care of, then painted starting on August 19. Should be ok. Mercury will not be rx again until November 16- December 6. Always prepare for Mercury rx by getting your car fixed if it needs it, and making sure your computer, cell phone, etc. are all running the way they ought to be.


August 20 is interesting because there are absolutely no aspects taking place, not even one aspect between the Moon and any of the planets. I think of this as the Cosmos gifting us freedom of choice, with no emotional/analytical disruptions.


August 22-25 the Sun…now almost in Virgo, is in a “Grand EARTH Trine,” configuration with Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. This has to do with being productive making your plans and accomplishing them, even though there are still a bunch of rx planets orbiting, it can be done. If you have well thought out plans, the universe will offer you signs that show you are on the right path, and to continue on. Good financially world wide! It can be good financially for all those sensible people who were born: April 20-23, August 22-25, & December 21-24 of any year.


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Posted by: Ananur Forma | Aug 15, 2018 16:53

Ahh, good to hear this connects to you, Mary. Wishing you all the BEST!!!!!!

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Aug 15, 2018 15:47

Thanks Carol, I was born on Dec. 24th and will take good use of financials. Always read your column. Be well!

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