Astrology for August 1-8 calculated and interpreted by local astrologer Ananur Forma. Mercury is retrograde until Aug. 19.

By ananur forma | Jul 29, 2018

Mercury turned retrograde July 26 (Thursday) at 1:03 a.m. This brings attention to our machines, electrical equipment and cars, trucks are all vulnerable when Mercury is retrograde. This means that the planet Mercury is moving so slowly compared to the other planets that the astronomers calculate it as if it were moving backwards. It is not in reality, moving backwards. Take good care of your car and computer and other above mentioned items. Also, be aware that conversations can get all messed up and misunderstandings take place. It's better NOT to sign a legal document while Mercury is retrograde. It can be done...with extreme caution. Read everything to make sure nothing important has been left out. It could be a silly tedious mistake that then makes the process that much longer- for example they spell your name incorrectly! So, don't blindly trust that all is well, read carefully before signing.


August 1(first) remain cautious, Mars is still in a challenging (square) aspect to Uranus, since July 28. There is danger. Be careful while driving. It is an “accident prone time,” not limited to car accidents, but also odd sudden out of the blue situations where there is disruption. Be careful while walking in the cross walk, here in Maine sometimes the cars don’t stop!



August 3-6 the Sun in Leo is in an awkward aspect to Jupiter in Scorpio. This aspect isn’t all “bad” because it’s the Sun, and Jupiter, “the benefic planets,” referred to in the old Astrology books. It has to do with overdoing it.  Too much of a good thing can create problems- especially for the liver if we’re thinking about over indulging in food and drink. It’s also a time when there is an attraction for gambling- feeling “lucky,” yet it turns out not be true! This can bring about an arrogant sense of self, or getting stuck on an unrealistic expectation that you want to come into being.



August 5-7 Venus is in a positive (trine) aspect to Mars signaling romance and creativity. Gender differences don’t seem to matter much. We’re apt to be open to learning from each other, without personal agendas.



August 6 – September 9 Venus enters Libra and remains in this artistic; partner oriented, fairness oriented, romantic, rational, procrastinating, beauty loving, air sign. You’ll find yourself moving furniture around if it doesn’t look as balanced and pretty as you think it could be. You’re more drawn to art, painting, crafting, buying and admiring it. We tend to be more aware  of how to create and maintain an equalitarian style relationship.




August 6-8 the Sun and Mercury are conjunct (close together) in Leo. Ideas galore! Leo people are stimulated! We tend to be more outspoken with this aspect in play. Your sense of humor is soaring and has a profound point to it.  since 1976 studied in Boston with Isabel Hickey and many other Astrologers over the years.

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