Astrology for 2nd half of March New Moon March 17th Sun/Moon and Chiron at 27 degrees of Pisces

By ananur forma | Mar 18, 2018

March 17 a New Moon cycle begins at 9:12 a.m. with the Sun and Moon at 26 degrees of Pisces conjunct Chiron, at 28 degrees of Pisces. Uranus is at 26 degrees of Aries bringing it’s might to the energetic! Could it be that there is some sort of truce legally signed to stop the violence in Syria? I think it looks possible at this time. Have you read James Twyman’s book, “Emissary of Light?”  It’s a good read. There are people of “ high spiritual intelligence and compassion, who pray and meditate every day (for many hours!) for world harmony. This is happening right now. This New Moon cycle will be filled with healing and also with people dying, hopefully peacefully, without physical suffering! I have also learned by observation that this combination could place considerable attention on mental illness and the need for furthering understanding of those individuals who experience multi- dimensionality and get lost and confused by it and therefore need help to live in this complex world. I worked in such a residence for years. Certainly with more news of school shootings there could be some concern for those who are suffering from mental illness although I think that those who shoot to kill and destroy are not to be included in the definition of mental illness, this is something different and could be the result of sheer loneliness, a distortion on what life is for, and certainly a desperate need for attention.



March 17 – May 16 Mars will enter into earthy Capricorn which is good for figuring out financial situations and how to improve them. It may demand that you do some research, however it could be well worth it.

Mars in Capricorn is good for leadership trainings and increasing confidence with new developing skills. It’s also an excellent time for organizing your work group to get better pay and benefits.


March 18 -20 (until noon) Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Aries works well for writers who dare themselves to enter into areas unknown and allow their adventuresome writing skills to explode in new directions.


March 20 the Sun enters into Aries and we call it the spring/vernal equinox. This takes place on the east coast at exactly 12:16 p.m. When there is a little more daylight than we’ve been used to in fact it’s almost equal day and night. This is a symbolic message to all of us that male female roles are meant to be as close to equal as possible. Sure some personalities are stronger than others, whether they are male or female.


March 21-23 Venus in Aries in a challenging aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and will cause quite an upset in personal romantic relationships. This is interesting because Trump has Pluto opposite his natal position of Venus in Cancer this year, until November 2021. Trouble in paradise? Will “they” tell us? He’ll probably blame it on us?


March 22 – April 15 at 5:21 a.m. east coast Mercury turns retrograde at 8:19 p.m. while it’s at 16 degrees (or 17) of Aries. Anyone who was born with the Sun or Moon or has their Rising at 16 degrees of Aries, will find this to be a challenging Mercury retrograde phase. That would be anyone born with the Sun at 16 or 17 degrees of Aries was born: April 7 or 8 of any year. These folks need not sign any legal documents during this phase, or start a new job or career. Just relax and do some research so to put well thought out plans into action when Mercury turns direct on April 15th.


March 22-24 the Sun in Pisces is in a challenging aspect with Mars in Sagittarius. Anger is apt to burst forth without warning. You can be easily agitated as patience is at an all time low. You want things to happen fast. You want everything to fall in place “your way.” When everything doesn’t happen your way, you’re apt to be upset and express it angrily. Those who happen to be in your orbit, are apt to react to your energy! which could be unpleasant.


March 26-28 Venus is conjunct Uranus in Aries. This conjunction brings about romantic attractions. Warren Beatty, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve McQueen, and George Clooney were born with this kind of magnetism, living it everyday. For the rest of us this aspect can bring about flirty people who are fun to be around.



March 27-29 the Sun in Aries is in an awkward aspect to Saturn in Capricorn bringing about frustration and more obstacles than we can count. Plus Mercury is retrograde. Try to be patient, I know, it’s a serious challenge, when the Sun is in Aries! Try not to get stuck in negative analysis of why the blocks are there for you and others.


March 30 – April 1 the Sun is conjunct Mercury in Aries (retrograde) finding you exceptionally outspoken and in need of an audience. Your mind is inspired and you need to express your thoughts and in fact, the more you do, the more there are brilliant thoughts that come!


March 30 Mars and Saturn are now conjunct between 7-9 degrees of Capricorn, which tends to be excellent for paying close attention to details and working hard with exceptional determination and perseverance. This conjunction is also known for (sometimes) to be expressed as sarcasm and cruelty. It is often found in charts of those who perpetrate domestic violence and other types of assault, usually due to having been the unwilling recipient or observer, at an early age, of incest or physical violence. There is boiling rage hidden deep within which comes out only at certain times, it is not obvious that it’s there. Being physically active helps dissipate this energy.  On the other hand, this conjunction helps to develop self discipline and orderliness.


March 31 Full Moon takes place at 8:37 a.m. with the Moon at 10 Libra opposite the Sun at 10 degrees of Aries; both are in an awkward aspect to Saturn at 8-9 degrees of Capricorn. This is difficult energy to deal with because it brings about worry and concern to an extreme. There are disappointments and situations that are upsetting now.

You (and I ) feel the Full Moon energy usually 3 days before and 3 days after. It's helpful to know ahead of time so that you can do something that might? make a difference. This Full Moon will demand patience and persistence.




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